2021 DP3 Business Rule Comment Resolution Matrix

September 10, 2020

IAM Governing Members,
With the help of key Government/Military related committees in IAM, we put together comments for the proposed 2021 DP3 Business Rules. Feel free to use as a reference, use as your comments, provide your own expanded comments, or some combination. Whichever way you go, it’s important to provide comments to USTC J9 by this Friday, 11 Sep, 1630 CDT (4:30pm CDT)
If you use any of IAM’s inputs on any of the CRMs, you should change column 3 where it says “IAM” to your organization, SCAC, etc.
If you think IAM missed something significant, feel free to let me know; and be sure to cover it in your comments.
Daniel J. Bradley
Director, Government & Military Relations