USTC J9 Conditions-Based Movement Call (8 Sep)

September 08, 2020

See Readahead Slides for the Tuesday, 8 September call with industry and DoD (USTC J9 and Services).  There are a couple changes to the slides I’ll discuss below, along with business rule and PPF topics covered in the call.


  • Per slide 1, we are slightly ahead of the three year average for pickups during weeks 33-35; if this were a normal year, the slight uptick from the three year average would hardly be noted.
  • On slide 2, the week 52 data that J9 had normally “parked” there for shipments that were expected to move, but did not have any status in DPS, was redistributed across the chart.  That same week 52 data is also depicted on slide 2 in the third row of the chart.  In future iterations of this slide, the first row chart will depict data that is in DPS; the third row will depict the “week 52” data, currently titled “Past Projected that Did NOT Move.”
  • Additionally on slide 2, in the second row charts, the teal colored bar represents data from the Service Personnel community and reflects orders that each of the Personnel offices believe will result in household goods shipments, but has yet to make it into DPS in any status (that projection is 103K shipments).  J9 briefed the data is a little raw, and might be duplicative in some cases; but right now is the best projection of shipments based on orders that the Services have.  The other colors in the row 2 charts reflect shipments in some status in DPS.
  • If you look at 2019 pickups on Slide 1, from week 38-52, it reflects 81,598 shipments picked up last year.  If you consider that the potential shipment pool in 2020 moving forward, based on row two of slide two, shows about 135,000 potential shipments (not validated); then at most, it reflects an additional potential of about 50,000 shipments this year over last year during that same timeframe of week 38-52.  Again…J9 stated the orders data was raw, and could be duplicative; and might not reflect what actually happens.  But it does show a projection of the high end of what could happen.
  • Slide 3 shows very little change week to week.
  • Slide 4 reflects 8 COVID related suspensions; LOWs lower than last year; and LOS higher than last year, but with over 60% of suspensions related to COVID Health protocols.  


The Storage Management Office stated they are not aware of any current reported issues stemming from Hurricane Laura or from the West Coast forest fires.


DPS office stated there are no major issues with the system; and reported they are fielding a new release in DPS this weekend.


IAM asked about the proposed 2021 business rules, and insight as to what J9 meant by “seals that cannot be tampered with” in the Tender of Service draft? Were they referring to the previous paper seals?  Metal seals, etc?  J9 did not want to dictate, but felt as though a quick google search would find a host of potential seals that could be used.  There was much conversation about the difficulties in sealing liftvans with paper seals…their propensity to fall off or not stick well in many conditions.  The J9 Director commented that on business rules J9 is open to insight and dialogue, but that seals are a reasonable request, and it provides the customer assurances that someone hasn’t messed with their stuff.  A number of comments were made by industry that a solution wasn’t cut and dried.  J9 would ask industry to research it and be prepared to implement.


IAM asked whether J9 would be prepared to discuss industry inputs to the business rules by the PPF.  J9 stated they might have some comments, but they would likely still be sorting through the inputs. 


IAM asked when first-come-first-served registration would open for industry for the PPF.  J9 stated they pre-registered a number of industry members and Association representatives; and last week they sent information out to ETOSS POCs and TSP users with information on registration.  If you haven’t seen those emails, check with your company leadership, as participation is limited; but if no email, then you might contact Mekia Bradley in J9 for assistance (