GSA CHAMP Pre-Bid Meeting

August 12, 2020

The General Services Administration’s (GSA) Employee Relocation Resource Center (ERRC) held their Centralized Traffic Management Household Goods Program (CHAMP) virtual pre-bid meeting on 10 and 11 August.


IAM provided an industry update during the first day of the meeting; and highlighted some of the issues they’ve worked on, alongside of GSA-approved TSPs, to help get resolved.  Those issues included:

  1. a request for GSA to consider a continuation of COVID related surcharges.
  2. Issues associated with US Flag availability for international surface shipments.
  3. Criteria that the Maritime Administration uses when determining whether to approve a Determination of Non-Availability (DNA) for US Flag vessels.
  4. Audit criteria GSA Audits uses when a foreign flag vessel is used where a TSP bid based on US Flag availability.
  5. And a request to adjust baseline rates in the upcoming rate filing.


GSA announced they had already considered the request associated with baseline rates, and provided a proposed update to baseline rates during the meeting. 


They continue to work with MARAD and GSA Audits to provide clarity and potential adjustments requested by TSPs; but did not have specific updates on those topics at this point.


In terms of the lack of understanding TSPs have for when MARAD would approve a DNA and when they wouldn’t, GSA continued to state TSPs should bid their rates based on US Flag.  With the extreme circuitous routing this would cause, and the apparent lack of regard for RDDs, TSPs struggle to bid realistic rates in this scenario.  Agencies want low costs and RDDs met; and customers face income and tax implications that cause them to scrutinize invoices like never before, as the money spent on their moves is now considered income.


The GSA staff, Department of State (DoS), and MARAD presented information over the two days on topics ranging from Section 889 of the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), to US Flag policy, to system updates, to the latest from the DoS program.


GSA stated they will make the slides presented over the two day meeting available in the Acquisition Gateway website at