USTC J9 Peak Season Call (6 Aug)

August 06, 2020

Before getting into details on this week’s Peak Season call, IAM received an email from the USTC J9 Director, Rick Marsh with regard to latest status on Sec 889 of the NDAA; and TSP certification.  Per Mr. Marsh, as of COB 5 August, they had only received compliance certifications from roughly half of the HHG/UB SCACs and just under 20% of the NTS SCACs. 


The deadline for sending in certifications is 9 August.  If you aren’t aware of this requirement, please contact Dan Bradley.


The peak season call was generally quiet and uneventful in terms of JPPSO and industry inputs.  I’ll cover a few highlights below:


  • J9 briefed slide 2, noting specifically that for week 31 (last week) DoD is still above the three year average for week 31 counselings and shipment awards; and compared to last year’s volume, starting on 14 June and onward, the shipment volume is greater than 2019.
  • J9 drew attention to advisory #20-0108, the Refusal end date, which states that effective 8 August, shipments with pickup dates of 25 August or later are not eligible for refusals without punitive actions.  See the advisory for more details on refusals and short fuse.
  • Short fuse shipments for last week were up to almost 25% of the total shipments.
  • J9/JPPSOs were asked, based on looking at slide 8, whether they had any insight as to why it appeared the pent up demand from weeks 12-20 didn’t appear in weeks 21- present on the domestic side, to be making up for that pent up demand by an increase over the 3 year average?  AF PPA stated there are many factors outside what transporters control, but they believe the AF Personnel Center is spreading out the AF’s allocation of shipments into Sep-Nov.  The AF stated they switched from a model of moving pent up demand, to demand smoothing, and they prioritized moves from Mar-Jun to move in Jul-Aug; and then summer moves were kicked out to Sep-Nov. 
  • Code 2, week to week, is near 12% last week; near 9% for the overall peak season…but overall more Code 2 this peak season than last.
  • Refusals and blackouts are at a 1,000% decrease from the same time last year.  J9 expects more blackouts now as refusals comes to an end this weekend.  They are hoping for less shipments to fall into the short fuse category by ending refusals (?).
  • Slide 22 shows international HHG with the lowest missed RDD percentage by market; and well below last year’s percentage as well. 
  • Two vehicle processing centers (St Louis and Puerto Rico) each had one employee test positive for COVID.
  • J9 mentioned they had already held some DoD workshops to discuss business rule changes for 2021; and they are getting inputs together to share with industry.  They started the process much earlier this year, hoping to have more time for thoughtful comment.  They stated they will continue to focus on changes that will improve the customer experience for service members/families.
  • Asked about posting updates on reweigh policy, J9 stated they expected to have the update to the IT20 out this week that would clarify reweighs…but reminded the audience they verbally had passed along the general idea.