Driver Access Issues Update: West Point, Fort Riley, Fort Wainwright

July 13, 2020

The Director of the Army’s Personal Property Lead Element (APPLE), COL Abraham, provided the following information on installation access issues at West Point, Fort Riley and Fort Wainwright:


At West Point and according to the Director of Emergency Services, if crew members meet the standard requirements for access to the installation and have official business, they will gain entry.  They understand the criticality of the service being provided.


Team, additional information related to Fort Riley & Wainwright:


     Communicating with the Garrison leadership at Fort Riley, no HHG vendor has been denied entry to the installation.  Their process is as follows:

  1. Vet through NCIC – if negative information, no access for the individual
  2. Screen for COVID
    1. Flu like symptoms? If yes, no access for the individual – remaining team members can enter
    2. Contact w/COVID positive? If yes, no access for the individual
    3. Travel outside local area (currently 150 miles)? If yes, contact the Transportation Office for an escort who is responsible for getting the driver/crew to & from delivery location
    4. Temperature check – if above 100.4F, no access for the individual
  3. Crews must have PPE and TSC Certification of Health Protocol


      *Fort Wainwright


Per leadership on ground, the issue has been resolved with the Fort Wainwright Physical Security Department Friday afternoon.  The issue was contractors with out of state licenses were not being allowed to enter the installation without an approved ETP.  Leadership has gotten involved as many of these contractors have been at Fort Wainwright since the Spring. 


The final determination is that the sponsor ensures that all requirements are met to access the installation.  Out of state license is no longer a factor.


**Team, thanks!



COL C.L. Abraham

Dir, APPLE /