House Surface Transportation Bill

June 04, 2020

The House released its surface transportation reauthorization act legislation on Wednesday, 3 June.


Page 595 begins the bulk of the FMCSA provisions. 


Some highlights: 


Under the House version, the FMCSA/DOT would be required to put more specifics (e.g., miles driven, etc.) around their personal conveyance guidance. 


Congress is also looking more specifically at the issue of driver detention and is seeking detailed data, as well as information on situations arising as a result (i.e., hours of service jeopardy) Once and if that data is collected, look for legislation surrounding driver compensation to be potentially sought. There is also some language around re-posting safety data for the carriers, which has been limited in the public view for some time.


Next Steps - The House and Senate will eventually negotiate their bills, but ultimate passage (and the needed “pay-fors”) very likely will not be determined until after the election. The current FAST Act expires Oct. 1, but that will likely be extended until an agreement can be reached on this legislation.

File: House Transportation Reauthorization Bill - June 2020 .pdf