Nominations are now open for YP Chair and Vice Chair

May 21, 2020

As required by the Association's By-Laws, herein is formal notice that elections will take place in July for the IAM-YP Management Board.  
Every two years, the IAM-YP is required to hold formal elections to determine which individuals will serve as Chair and Vice Chair for the next two-year term.  

Do you or someone you know think you have what it takes to serve for the next two years as the YP Chair or Vice Chair?

For IAM-YP Chair, the responsibilities include:

  • Non-voting member of the IAM Executive Committee
  • Appointment of the IAM-YP Management Board and IAM-YP committees with approval from the IAM President.
  • Work closely with the IAM-YP Management Board, IAM-YP committees and IAM Staff to accomplish the projects identified as important to the ongoing success of the IAM-YP


The IAM-YP Vice Chair will also serve and support the Chair in the latter two responsibilities identified above.

Voting for the IAM-YP Chair and Vice Chair will take place starting July 21st –August 21, 2020. The winners will be announced at the IAM-YP Members Meeting during the 58th IAM Annual Meeting.

To facilitate the formation of an official Slate of Candidates, IAM President Chuck White has appointed the following three individuals to serve as the 2020 Nominating Committee for this year's IAM-YP elections.

Anu Dattani
Universal Relocations Inc.


Matthieu Odijk
MF Interlogistics   

Terence Wee
Smart Relocators Pte. Ltd.


Should you wish to have your name placed into nomination for any of the IAM-YP positions, please contact a member of the Nominating Committee with in copy. Each candidate will need to provide a personal profile and color photo (headshot, of high resolution for print) to be published in the July/August "IAM-YP Focus" issue of The Portal magazine.

Elections will begin on July 21 so please ensure all nominations are in beforehand on June 10.  If you have any questions about the IAM-YP Elections, please email Julia O’Connor at

The IAM-YP Chair and Vice-Chair may be no older than thirty-eight (38) years of age when they assume their respective office. Should the Chair or Vice Chair turn thirty-eight (38) years of age while serving in office, they will be allowed to complete the full two-year term, but be precluded from seeking re-election.