Australia Adopts European Braking Standard

May 21, 2020

The Australian moving industry and other transport companies will be adopting European standards on autonomous emergency braking (AEB) on trucks if government proposals are adopted.
According to a report in Diesel News, a leading Australian trucking publication, the country's government wants AEB to be fitted to all new model trucks by November 1, 2020 and to be fitted on all new trucks sold in Australia by November 1, 2022.  The development will be based on the European UNECE 131 specifications.
Australia has lagged behind Europe on AEB as it waited for supporting technologies of Anti-lock Brake Systems and Electronic Braking Systems to be mandated across the country.  Without these technologies, stability of the truck under braking cannot be guaranteed.
The report identifies that in fatal crashes in Australia involving a truck, the other vehicle is at fault 83% of the time, but due to weight and stopping distances, the passengers of the car are far more likely to die or be injured with the majority of accident resulting from a truck rear ending the car.  The AEB system combines speed and distance with other data and alerts the truck driver before automatically applying the brakes.  Figures suggest that truck AEB reduces all forms of trauma by up to 57 per cent.

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