COVID-19 News From Chile

May 19, 2020

Ward Van Lines Reports:

New measures to be enforced for the next 7 days (until Friday, May 22):


  • Total lockdown in the city of Santiago. The isolation measure will be implemented in 32 districts of the Greater Santiago and 6 neighboring districts (San Bernardo, Buin, Puente Alto, Padre Hurtado, Lampa, and Colina).
  • Safe-conducts to work in these areas will be issued to health, laboratory, and pharmacy workers; emergency services; public interest services; foodservice and essential commerce workers; security workers, among others. Since moving services are not regarded as essential by the local authorities, we are not allowed to continue to work while the lockdown is in
  • Sanitary control units will be installed around the areas under the lockdown in the Metropolitan Region to limit the traffic of people and lower the infection risk to other
  • A quarantine line was established in San Antonio (Valparaíso Region) to control the traffic of people.
  • Lockdown is enforced in Iquique and Alto
  • Compulsory lockdown for all people over the age of



Other measures still in effect include:


  • Curfew from 10:00 pm until 05:00 am all around the
  • Quarantine lines: rings implemented around certain areas to block the entry or exit of They are currently in force in Temuco and Padre Las Casas, urban area of Osorno, the Province of Chiloe, urban area of Punta Arenas, and Puerto Williams.
  • Land, maritime and air border closure for foreign people. Chilean citizens and residents in Chile entering the country need to go into 14-day quarantine, regardless of the origin of their trip.


All of these measures can be extended or modified by the Chilean authority at any time.

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