2022 IAM-YP Leadership Election

See below for information on candidates for Chair and Vice Chair of the YP Group.


Sheen Kiser



Liam Willmott

WillMove Worldwide SL

My name is Sheena Kiser, and I am excited to run again for IAM-YP Chair. I have served the YP Membership for several years as a YP Board Member, IAM-YP Vice Chair and as the IAM—YP Chair the last two years. I work and live in North Carolina, USA and my professional background and experience is in ocean shipping at SEACORP.

I am the Managing Director of SEACORP. My primary responsibilities at SEACORP include managing vendor relations, cultivating industry partnerships, negotiating ocean freight contracts, and supporting SEACORP company operations. I bring a different skill set to the IAM-YP group, working as a NVOCC in the USA and offering ocean freight and drayage services to relocation companies. This expertise in contract and free time negotiation allows me to share my knowledge and offer solutions regarding ocean freight services.


Serving as the IAM-YP Chair, I have been given the opportunity to work alongside the IAM Executive Committee, plan for IAM Conventions, share ideas regarding the future of the YP group, and serve on the IAM Carrier Relations Committee. It is rewarding to collaborate with YP members, share our ideas, and see our work come to light during the annual conference and throughout the year. This year, I had the opportunity to help plan the IAM Conference in Atlanta, promote IAM-YP at the YMC Conference in Dublin, Ireland, and participate in various YP hosted events, Cybersecurity Webinar and the Sip & Paint Happy Hour, to name a few. I have contributed to The Portal Magazine in the latest YP focused publication, and I always enjoy engaging with IAM-YP members.


This group has given me the opportunity to network, learn from industry professionals, and share my insight for the future of IAM. If elected as IAM-YP Chair for a second term, I will continue to serve our YP Membership by getting involved with its members through networking, promoting IAM professional development opportunities, encouraging IAM-YP philanthropic efforts, and helping expand the energy of this group to others and the future of IAM.

Please vote for me and get involved with IAM-YP. This group has given me so much and I cherish the relationships made during my time in the IAM-YP Group.

I am Liam Willmott, 23 years old, managing Director of WillMove Worldwide Spain and UK. I started working in the moving industry 12 years ago, when I was 11. I first started as a packer and worked my way up doing customer service, logistics and sales until I became the managing, Director. I have been attending the IAM conferences since 2017 and have attended all YP events I could make it to, from in person Social Mixers to the YP online happy hours.

From an educational point of view, I am a logistics engineer with a big shipping background. Besides all these formalities I am always looking for a way to help young professionals as myself grow professionally and personally in our industry. I think that one of the best ways to achieve this is by getting to know other YPs and developing reciprocal business relationships when possible.


Vice Chair

Lennert de Jong

Gosselin The Netherlands B.V.

For those I haven’t met in person yet, I’m hoping we can meet soon! My ‘moving career’ started 9 years ago when I just finished High School. I didn’t have a single clue what to study and what direction I wanted to develop myself. A friend invited me to apply for a job as a Move Coordinator and thought I would fit the profile. Sure, let’s try this job for a year and then move on with studies. More than a decade passed and it has absolutely hooked me! Working with a diversity of cultures, combining the most personal and intimate form of logistics together with customer service and lots of industry friends is what makes it amazing for me to work in the moving industry every day.


The first conference that you are invited to as a young professional can be very daunting, you hardly know anybody in real life and have only emailed with a couple of them. A group like the IAM Young Professionals and their (teambuilding) events acted as a stepping stone for me and broadened my connections tremendously in a relaxed and informal way.


As a member of the YP Management board I hope to also be a part of that stepping stone for the current and new young professionals that join the moving industry. To assist them with expanding their networks while also working on our professional development together.


During my career and studies I always try to actively promote a reflective practice, to learn from our past and engage in a process of continuous learning. You might have noticed the phrase above, ‘Be frugal’, this is my personal mission and try to implement it in every action I take. It has nothing to do with money, but more that we appreciate and use resources sparingly. Our connections and the chances we receive in life are just two examples of them. Time is a third one and in this age we all seem to be more busy than ever, but we might forget to use that time and spend it on ourself, our loved ones but also our dear connections across the globe.


I hope to be part of a Young Professionals platform where we can continuously learn from each other, be frugal with each other and create synergies for the long term. Both on a personal and professional level.


I’m hereby re-applying for the Vice Chair position on the YP Board. I hope that our mutual positive energy, leadership qualities and analytical view can be of positive impact to the IAM Young Professionals and grow an even stronger foundation for the moving industry, together with the future of tomorrow.


Kind regards,

Lennert de Jong