2018 Spring Personal Property Forum (PPF) & Pre-Peak Season Meeting

January 24, 2018

** Sent on behalf of Lt Col Jensen, DP3 Chief of Operations **


Personal Property and Industry Representatives,


As discussed at the 2017 Personal Property Forum, we are planning a two-day PPF in the Scott AFB, IL area. This Spring PPF will be held Tuesday, 13 March 2018 from 0800-1700 and will focus on topics intended to prepare all participants for the upcoming peak season. The Day 2 Pre-Peak Season Meeting will be conducted Wednesday, 14 March 2018 from 0800-1700.  Day 1 is open to all comers, Day 2 is open to both Industry Associations and government attendees (HQ staff, PPSOs, PPPOs at your discretion) from 0800-1200; the afternoon session is reserved for government only attendees (1300-1700).


Venue locations will be announced as soon as they are confirmed.


The PPF will consist of short introductory government/Services/Industry-led presentations followed by the bulk of the day focused on group breakout sessions.  These group sessions will be rotational in nature, giving attendees an opportunity to interact with a variety of stakeholders in 30 (or so) minute blocks throughout the day.  Each break out is intended to allow a free-flow Q&A between the facilitator and the group of participants.


Proposed topics include DP3 and DPS updates, 2018 Rate Filing, Quality Assurance, and Defense Digital Service's status of the "new" www.move.mil site and Support System Prototype/TSP API (two-way interface).  


Request you submit topics of interest (for both days) that you would to present or want to receive by 31 January 2018 so that we can prepare briefing charts and finalize the agenda.  We'd also need recommended facilitators for the group sessions (i.e. rates team, DDS, specific PPSOs, industry associations, etc.)  We also request you RSVP so we can obtain a headcount for lodging and venue size.


Please don't hesitate to contact me or the staff if you have any questions.


Thanks again and we look forward to a great spring PPF.





Chief of Operations, Defense Personal Property Program USTRANSCOM J4-H

Comm:  618-220-5476

DSN:  312-770-5476