2016-2017 IAM Membership Directory

Member Directory 2015-2016 Cover ImageIAM's popular Membership Directory is now being released as a downloadable PDF file. Presented in IAM's recognizable directory style, the 2016-2017 IAM Membership Directory offers flexibility and utility in : 

  • a greater search function. Type names or keywords in the search box to easily locate member companies.
  • the ability to have each employee in your office to have their own electronic copy. No more passing around a single printed copy.
  • having it available on a mobile device, tablet, or several computers just by downloading one PDF file.
  • benefits to the environment. By saving on paper and ink, this electronic version is greener and more earth-friendly.

Download it Now

*Note: this is a 13MB file. It may take a while to download. For best usability, download the file and open it in Adobe Acrobat.