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If you have already downloaded the app, you never need to download it again. This one app handles all IAM events. Simply switch events in the app so you can keep using it. Tap the "More" button in the menu, then choose "Change Event" in the top left, and tap on the upcoming event you need.

The first step is to download the app. You can get it on the Google Play or iPhone/iPad App Store. Search for “IAM Events.” If you are using a device that is not Android or iPhone compatible, the best thing to do is to bookmark the event website and use it for your conference planning.

Choose your event
When you first open the IAM Events app, you will see a screen that shows upcoming events. Choose the event you want to get more information about. IAM will be using this same app for multiple events, and as time goes on, more choices will be available. For now, choose the IAM Annual Meeting selection.

A number of button selections are available from the menu to get you the information you need.

  • Dashboard – The Dashboard is a good place to start. It shows updates on Twitter for people using the hash tag #iamovers and shows information about the items in your schedule. See more about the schedule below.
  • Notifications – These are reminders of upcoming events and other bits of information that you might find useful.
  • Exhibitors – This is a listing of the exhibitors and where you can find them on the conference floor. If you click the icon to the left of the names, you can add them to your list of booths to visit. In addition, if you tap the tab next to the details tab, you can add notes such as, “Referred by Greg for forwarding to Somalia,” or, “Ice cream in their booth on Friday.”
  • Schedule – Events, meetings, times and locations. Click the check mark next to a specific event to add it to your schedule.
  • Speakers – These are the speakers for the meetings and presentations, including a photo and brief bio.
  • Attendees – See a list of attendees who have already registered. You can use the search form to find people by name, company, or country. Once you find someone you want to meet with, you can click on their email address and compose an email in your device’s built-in email program.
  • Directory – This is a bit different from attendees. The directory lists all who have the app and can use it for social media functions.
  • Timeline – A place to record your thoughts on the conference, meeting, or other event you are at, and a place to share photos of your experinces.
  • Maps – This contains maps of the hotel campus, the ballroom locations where the meetings are, and a map of the exhibit hall, so you can find your way around during the conference.
  • Twitter – Easily tweet using the hashtag #iamovers. This function requires that you have Twitter set up on your mobile device.
  • Event Details – General information about the meeting, including how to exhibit or sponsor the event, hotel and travel information, the registration form, and general information about what to see and do in Orlando.
  • Social Café – Connects you to IAM’s Social Café app.


Profiles and Social Networking

Social Profiles: Attendees can create profiles to locate and message other attendees, post to the event timeline, and sync their itineraries between mobile devices Attendee Directory: Attendees can easily search, favorite, and connect with other attendees Attendee-to-Attendee Messaging: Attendees can send and receive private messages from other attendees within the app. Attendees can choose to “mute” selected attendees from communicating with them Activity Timeline: Attendees can post comments and photos to the timeline, and comment on others’ photos or comments
Social Profiles Attendee Directory Messaging Activity Timeline

Syncing the App Between Different Mobile Devices
The app data can be synced between different mobile devices. This is handy if you want to use the app on a phone and a tablet, for example. To do this, click on the Event Details selection in the menu. If you are using an iPad or iPhone, it may be nestled under “More.” Once you are at the Event Details screen, click on “Settings” and enable data syncing. You will have to enter an email address and then in your email you will have to click a link to acknowledge that you want your device to sync the data. You will need to do this on all device you want to sync.Syncing the data does not happen every moment of the day but the data will flow between the two devices and you will be able to have the same schedule on both devices. Until the conference starts, syncing will happen once per day.Syncing manually
If you want to sync more frequently than the app allows, go to the Event Details screen and select Settings. You will see an arrow curved around almost in a circle. Tap this icon to sync your information manually.

Viewing Attendees
You may notice that the first time you look at the attendees list, you are asked for your Registrant ID. This is your unique confirmation number you received in the confirmation email when you registered. If you cannot find this number, let someone in the IAM office know and we will help you find it.

Using the Schedule
Note that, when you click the Schedule button, there are selections for “My Schedule,” “All,” and “My Notes.” These are three ways of looking at the conference events. When you click the check mark next to an event, it gets placed in the My Schedule list. For each event at the conference, you can see the details, speakers, and you have the ability to make notes.At the top of the list is a plus sign (+), which allows you to make schedule entries that are not part of the larger conference. Maybe you have an appointment to meet with a vendor you use, or you are meeting a colleague for a business update before dinner. You can use this plus sign to enter the appointment, so that all your conference events are in one spot.Note that the app does not create entries into your actual calendar on your mobile device, nor in Outlook. All your appointments will be kept on the app.

Emailing through the App
You can easily email companies and people through the app. However, the app does not have a native messaging function, so it uses your email program. Be sure to check your email for responses to your messages.Questions?Contact Carl Weaver, who will help walk you through the problem.