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Invest in your people today to stay ahead of the game tomorrow. With your company's near-future challenges in mind, IAM is excited to announce the development of IAM Learning, a professional development program designed to help train and educate your employees.

The initial IAM Learning offering will focus on introducing learners to critical skills in Move Coordination. Instead of you or one of your most productive employees having to train new move coordinators, let IAM Learning provide your staff with industry on-boarding, orientation and basic skills training.

If your company is struggling with training and retaining move coordinators, IAM Learning is the program for you. By enrolling your employees in IAM Learning, you will strengthen your company and enhance the likelihood that new coordinators will become long-term, standout performers for your team.

IAM will post more about this as the courses are developed. Keep an eye out at the 2018 Annual Meeting in Washington, DC for more information.