Moving with Appliances

When you relocate internationally, taking along your household appliances is generally not recommended. Several issues make the inclusion of appliances in your household goods shipment not worthwhile.

Your appliances may not function properly once you install them in your new home. Your new country of residence may operate on different electrical standards, rendering your appliances ineffective or completely useless.

Furthermore, the additional cost associated with servicing, packing and transporting your appliances may make taking them along more costly than purchasing new units once you have settled into your new home. Additionally, depending on your country of destination, tariffs and fees imposed on such equipment may make transporting your appliances very costly.

If you are moving within the United States, the transportation of household appliances can present challenges. It is best that you check with your carrier to find out what regulations and procedures they follow for the transportation of household appliances. Generally, your carrier will require that the servicing of appliances is performed by a qualified service provider. Your moving company will not disconnect or reconnect your appliances and/or utilities. They will not repair appliances or perform any electrical, plumbing or wiring services.