eGov/Mil Newsletter: June 15, 2018

June 15, 2018

In this Issue:

  • USTRANSCOM Weekly Peak Season Teleconference Summary – Week 24
  • Recalculation of CSS Scores for 1Aug 2018 Performance Period
  • Air Force Provides Process to Vet Converted Lots
  • IAM Welcomes Daniel J. Bradley as Director of Government & Military Relations
  • DoD champions civilian workers, asks for more in new business plan
  • DOD & Government Personal Property News & Notes
  • Here’s how the US is preparing for a possible Russian attack in Europe
  • Congress mulls lowering age requirement for truck drivers to prevent national shortage
  • Advancing Threats Necessitate New Approach to Defense Technology Acquisition

USTRANSCOM Weekly Peak Season Teleconference Summary – Week 24

The following information was discussed at the weekly USTRANSCOM Peak Season call:

Last Friday’s DPS database data encryption effort failed.  USTRANSCOM believes the failure should’ve been transparent to industry since once they identified that the effort would not work, the system was immediately rolled back to the date/time stamp the minute preceding upgrade effort.  This specific effort will now likely be delayed by two weeks.

This data encryption effort was in relation to removing the member’s social security number from printed documents where they are currently printed on forms as a default, even though the particular forms have no need for the information.

USTRANSCOM confirmed that the member’s social security number would still be available, where required, for purposes such as customs clearance.

IAM asked USTRANSCOM whether TSP complaints from earlier in the week with regard to system latency could be related to the failed upgrade last Friday.  USTRANSCOM was confident the two were not related but stated they would review system analytics to validate their belief.  USTRANSCOM believes the latency was purely due to the number of users in the system during this peak of the peak timeframe.

An open discussion was started by the United States Marine Corps on capacity.  USMC asked USTRANSCOM about the capacity brought into the system during the last limited Open Season and asked USTRANSCOM whether they are considering another Open Season in the near future.  USTRANSCOM responded that talk of another Open Season is premature since they need to first close out peak season and analyze the full details associated with capacity before they can determine if a full or limited Open Season is appropriate.  USTRANSCOM plans to analyze their “no capacity” reports to measure whether the last Open Season had an impact where needed, and to help them direct their efforts for any possible new Open Season.  They did not rule out another Open Season over the next 12 months.

Related to this discussion, USTRANSCOM asked that industry and DOD be prepared for a significant effort during the Fall Personal Property Forum to review and discuss the role of Agents in DP3.  In response to USMC’s question about another Open Season, USTRANSCOM questioned whether adding more TSPs to the program would have the desired capacity effect, or whether they should focus their efforts on Agents.   As part of this discussion, the topic of Agent compensation was raised by USTRANSCOM, and whether the current DP3 model impacting their compensation and contributing to the loss of Agents or agents no longer wishing to participate in military shipments. It was interesting that the discussion briefly even turned to a short discussion of the old LOI paradigm. USTRANSCOM seems to struggling with the entire Agent, TSP & Move Manager dynamic and its effect on capacity and the health of the Agent community. It seems this will be the primary focus of the September PPF.

Speaking of the PPF, in a previous Advisory to industry, USTRANSCOM had indicated that the tentative date for the PPF was September 18. It was suggested on the call that USTRANSCOM is now focusing on September 25 as the tentative date for the meeting. It appears that venue availability and contract issues have caused them to consider moving the PPF date “to the right.” IAM staff encouraged USTRASCOM to reconsider this potential change since it would push the PPF to less than two weeks from the start of the IAM Annual Meeting. Nothing is firm yet but it was strongly suggested that September 25 will be the date.  

The final discussion was focused between the USMC and JPPSO-NE on service members being directed to TSPs by transportation offices when the member’s requested dates could not be met.  The discussion focused on whether the member should be granted actual cost reimbursement (ACR), or whether the PPM entitlement was more appropriate.  JPPSO-NE clarified that certain members were being very restrictive with what they would accept for pick up dates, and their desire for direct delivery.  It wasn’t that the member’s RDD could not be met, but that the member had specific pick-up and or delivery dates for which they were looking.  In this case, since the RDD could be met, but the member was not satisfied with what dates were being offered, JPPSO-NE felt the member was entitled to a PPM, but not actual cost reimbursement. 

Capacity (really the lack of capacity) was the focus of most of the telecon discussion. The attached set of slides show that, as usual, the last two weeks of June have maxed out industry capacity. In fact, Weeks 25 and 26 look like their shipment volumes will be significantly above the average of the last three years. Week 27, which is the week of July 4, is currently well below the normal 3-year average and USTC believes that this is due to the July 4 holiday falling on a Wednesday. They feel that many service members are avoiding having their move broken up by the Wednesday holiday. The fear is that this will push many of the moves that still need to be booked in June (and these appear to be numerous) and moves avoiding the holiday, into the second and third weeks of July, further extending the Peak of the Peak.

Week 24 Slide Deck

No other major issues raised.  The next call will take place as scheduled, next Thursday.                                            


Recalculation of CSS Scores for 1Aug 2018 Performance Period

USTRANSCOM issued Advisory 18-0081 on Friday June 15. The CSS scores for June 1, 2017 – May 31, 2018 are now available for review. TSPs have through June 23, 2018 to appeal any of the scores including in this scoring period.

The mean scores for 1 August to 31 July 2018 period are: dHHG 86.22; iHHG 84.25; iUB 88.07; OTO 81.90.


Air Force Provides Process to Vet Converted Lots

The Air Force Personal Property Activity Headquarters (AF PPA) is now the single resource for “converted” Air Force shipments that were originally awarded by an Air Force Joint Personal Property Shipping Office (JPPSO).

Agents needing to make inquires on Non-Temporary Storage (NTS) or Storage-in-Transit (SIT) shipments converted to member’s expense, the AF PPA is now the “one-stop-shop” for all inquiries.

The AF PPA will help with access to contact information for service members if agents have not been able to contact them regarding their goods and will also be able to determine if individuals are still in the service. This will help with ensuring that agents are compliant with the rules associated with the Service Members Civil Relief Act (SCRA).

The process and form that the AF PPA would like agents to utilize for requesting help with this process can be found at PPA HQ Request for SCRA Process.

In a recent discussion with AF PPA officials, they frankly stated…. “The process is working”! Of the companies that have reached out to the AF PPA for information and/or help with finding members or determining if they were still in the military they have had a 100% success rate. However, the AF PPA personnel have been surprised at how few companies have taken advantage of them as a resource.

Agents are highly encouraged to take advantage of this process. There has been an outcry from industry regarding the number of “abandoned” converted storage lots that are sitting in warehouses across the country. This has been identified as a significant drain on warehouse space and resources.

It’s time for warehouseman to take advantage of this resource. Do it now.

Sources: IAM & AF PPA

IAM Welcomes Daniel J. Bradley as Director of Government & Military Relations

For those of you that are not completely aware, Lt Col (Ret) Daniel J. Bradley officially joined the IAM team on June 4. He is a former Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) Director of Personal Property was most recently worked as a DOD civilian (GS-14) at SDDC in the G-3 Directorate (Freight).

Dan has hit the ground running. A day after his official hire he joined Terry Head, IAM President, and Charles White, IAM Senior Vice President, in San Antonio, TX at a meeting of the National Council of Moving Associations (NCMA). NCMA is a group of representatives from the major U.S. State Associations as well as IAM, AMSA & the Canadian Movers Association (CAM) which meets annually to discuss issues.

This week Dan visited IAM’s offices for some “onboarding”. Dan participated in staff meetings, met individually with all of the IAM staff members, attended a meeting of the Greater Washington Employee Relocation Council (GWERC) Chapter, participated on the weekly USTRANSCOM Peak Season teleconference and went to Chuck White’s school of “Moving 101”.

For the foreseeable future, Dan will remain in his current location near Scott AFB, IL and be IAM’s first fulltime remote employee. We see some significant benefits to having Dan near Scott AFB where he will able to work closely with the USTRANSCOM staff on almost a daily basis and commute back to the DC area as needed. We think Dan is going to be a HUGE addition to our staff. Our entire staff is very excited to have Dan on board.

IAM would ask that any communication you send to the Association regarding U.S. government or military issues to please include Dan.

Dan’s email address is

Source: IAM

DoD champions civilian workers, asks for more in new business plan

Following eight straight years of either cutting or treading water with civilian employment figures, the department suggested that any further reductions would be counterproductive to its leaders’ goal of rebuilding military readiness. DoD said it may be time to add more nonuniformed workers to the Pentagon’s payroll.

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DOD & Government Personal Property News & Notes

Fuel Surcharge Update for June

Fuel price was $3.285 per gallon as reported Tuesday, June 5, 2018

FSC rates for the period 6/15/18 through 7/14/18 as follows:

GBL Domestic HHG / International HHG - 7%

GSA Domestic HHG - $0.28

GSA International HHG and BAG - $0.28

USTC Reiterates Blackout Rules

U.S. Transportation Command recently reissued the rules/guidelines associated with Blacking out in the Defense Personal Property System (DPS). The key factor in the message was that if ANY dates, Packing or Pickup, associated with a shipment offer are not Blacked out by a TSP then that shipment can be awarded to a TSP.

TSPs must carefully monitor their Blackouts to ensure that their Blackouts are widespread enough to ensure that unserviceable shipments are not awarded to them.

USTC Advisory 18-0072 dated May 15, 2018

Air Force Identifies Eight Special Interest Areas for 2018 Peak Season

The Air Force Personal Property Activity, in consultation with the three Air Force JPPSOs, has released their list of Special Interest Areas for 2018 Peak Season.

Transportation Service Providers should review these “interest areas” very closely and share this information with their agents.

The interest areas typically highlight the issues that the Air Force JPPSOs feel are in need of improvement by the industry and that they will focus their Quality Assurance actions on.

TSPs should ensure they are enacting operating procedures to comply with these interest areas.

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IAM Military News and Resources Page

The IAM Military News and Resources page provides military-based information in an easy-to-navigate tabbed format. In addition, IAM is linking to SDDC Personal Property updates and categorizing them by topic. Currently, on the SDDC website, these updates are hard to find and are organized chronologically – not a very user-friendly way to display information. This new system on the IAM site should make it easy for IAM members to easily find the important information they need. Contact Carl Weaver with questions.

Sources:  IAM, Daycos & Air Force PPA HQ

Here’s how the US is preparing for a possible Russian attack in Europe

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis will meet with NATO defense ministers this week and pitch a 30-30-30-30 readiness plan to counter what the Pentagon perceives as an increasing Russian ground force threat. The plan calls on NATO allies to assemble 30 land battalions, 30 air squadrons and 30 combat vessels capable of deploying in 30 days or less by the year 2020.

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Congress mulls lowering age requirement for truck drivers to prevent national shortage

Congress is considering a new piece of legislation called the Developing Responsible Individuals for a Vibrant Economy Act, also known as the DRIVE-Safe Act. It aims to allow 18-year-olds with their commercial driver’s licenses, or CDLs, the ability to drive commercial vehicles across state lines in an attempt to help prevent a nationwide driver shortage.

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Advancing Threats Necessitate New Approach to Defense Technology Acquisition

Remote monitoring technologies, battlefield communications hardware, network infiltration devices and tactical weaponry are among the groups of unprecedented tools that will continue to advance adversarial threats if the process for more rapidly identifying and implementing new capabilities does not change.

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