eGov/Mil Newsletter: Sep. 8, 2017

September 08, 2017

In this Issue:

  • IAM Meets with IDA
  • IAM’s Mobility Exchange Replaces Member Directory
  • 2017 Annual Meeting Schedule at a Glance Updated
  • House Rejects Bid to Delay Dec. 18 ELD Mandate
  • SDDC to Hold the PPF in the Scott AFB Area
  • White House briefs state, local officials on Trump’s infrastructure plan
  • DOD & Government Personal Property News & Notes
  • Thornberry: Defense Budget Could Get Sidelined

IAM Meets with IDA

Yesterday IAM staff met with three individuals with the Institute for Defense Analysis (IDA) for a little over 2 hours at IAM’s office.

IDA is: (Excerpted from the official IDA website)

A not-for-profit corporation that operates three Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs) in the public interest: the Systems and Analyses Center, the Science and Technology Policy Institute, and the Center for Communications and Computing.  IDA provides objective analyses of national security issues and related national challenges, particularly those requiring extraordinary scientific and technical expertise.

They are a think tank, that in their words is similar to the Rand Corporation which is another non-profit group that does high level research for many government agencies.

IDA has been contracted by the Office of the Secretary of Defense – Transportation Policy (OSD-TP) to perform a study that will identify the optimal organizational structure for DOD’s personal property shipping program in order to make the most effective use of the Department’s resources.

IDA’s study will build on the “deep dive” that was conducted recently by the Surface Deployment and Distribution Command and the U.S. Transportation Command which resulted in the consolidation of the former SDDC Personal Property Directorate, the Defense Personal Property System Program Management Office (DPS PMO) and the USTRANSCOM logistics policy branch which was responsible for the Defense Transportation Regulations (DTR).  These entities are now all under the USTC J4-H.

It seems the focus of the IDA study is an internal review of the personal property program’s organizational (internal) structure.

IAM staff spent a great deal of time educating the IDA personnel on the structure of the industry and the roles played by each of the major stakeholders in the program: the DOD Shipping Offices, USTRANSCOM, the industry and the actual service member transferees.

We also spent a significant amount of time discussing DPS. We highlighted the system infirmities, the lack of a two-way interface, and fact that there is another ongoing study focused directly on DPS which was commissioned by USTRANSCOM. The IDA personnel indicated they have a meeting scheduled with the Defense Digital Services (DDS) group, one of the entities working on that contract, scheduled in the near future.

IDA has already met with many of the Military Service HQ representatives, and they are meeting with JPPSO-MA (Belvoir) soon and then plan to travel to Scott AFB to meet with Col Lounsbrough, the new USTC J4-H Director. They also plan to attend the Personal Property Forum, as observers, later this month.

IDA is tasked to have their first draft report to OSD-TP by the end of December, however, they indicated that would be the initial draft and that further refinement would likely be necessary and would push the study forward into 2018.

We believe IDA personnel appreciated all of the information and perspectives that IAM staff provided them. However, as we look back on the discussion, we barely scratched the surface of what may be needed to complete a viable analysis for what the optimal organizational structure needs to be for DP3, even if their suggestions only incorporate the DOD side of the equation. The door was left open to further discussions and follow-up at some point.

Sources: IAM & IDA

IAM’s Mobility Exchange Replaces Member Directory

In the days leading up to this year’s Annual Meeting, IAM will unveil the next evolution in our Membership Directory. IAM’s Mobility Exchange will replace the familiar, static, printed and downloadable directory with a single, dynamic database of mobility industry service partners. Beyond the ability to search and filter to locate the best possible match for your requirements, Mobility Exchange will offer our members the ability to present their hard-earned capabilities and quality credentials in new ways that will differentiate themselves positively in their market. Watch for future IAM communications about Mobility Exchange in the weeks to come!

Attendees at the Annual Meeting will be able to see Mobility Exchange live at IAM World in the Expo Hall, and attend a special session to learn more about Mobility Exchange and how their companies can get the most from this powerful new tool.

Sources: IAM

2017 Annual Meeting Schedule at a Glance Updated

IAM has updated its 2017 Annual Meeting Schedule at a Glance on the Annual Meeting website. The updated schedule provides greater detail on the content for each of the education sessions as well as room assignments.

You will also find a few additional offerings that have been added to the schedule.

IAM highly encourages you to review the updated Schedule at a Glance.

Sources: IAM

House Rejects Bid to Delay Dec. 18 ELD Mandate

A last-ditch effort in the U.S. House to delay the Dec. 18 mandate on electronic logging devices for trucks was soundly defeated Sept. 6.

Sixty-seven Republicans, including Rep. Bill Shuster (R-Pa.), chairman of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, joined 179 Democrats to reject a proposal that would have denied funding in fiscal 2018 to enforce the rule on ELDs.

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SDDC to Hold the PPF in the Scott AFB Area

The SDDC has scheduled the Fall Personal Property Forum (PPF) in the Scott AFB area on Sept. 19.

They announced in Advisory 17-0130 that the PPF will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn and The Regency Conference Center, 400 Regency Park, O’Fallon, IL 62269.

The PPF will begin promptly at 8:00 AM Central Daylight Time (CDT) and conclude at 4:30 PM CDT.

IAM and AMSA will hold an Industry “Pre-PPF” meeting from 4:30 – 7:00 p.m. CDT the day before the PPF (Sept. 18) at the same venue. Please plan your travel accordingly.

Sources: IAM & SDDC

White House briefs state, local officials on Trump’s infrastructure plan

President Trump’s infrastructure package will be broken up into three pieces, with the largest chunk of funding dedicated to projects that already have some private or local money secured, the administration told state and local officials on Wednesday.

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DOD & Government Personal Property News & Notes

SDDC Advisories

50/50 Claims with the Army MCOs

International military TSPs should start sending Army 50/50 claims to new Army Claims Center at Fort Knox-

DP3 Mean Scores for Oct 1, 2017 Performance Period

Mean scores for 1 October to 31 December 2017 are:

  • dHHG 86.58
  • iHHG 84.67
  • iUB 87.51
  • OTO 78.83

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Sources:  IAM & SDDC

Thornberry: Defense Budget Could Get Sidelined

Rep. Mac Thornberry, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, expressed frustration Wednesday that defense funding will likely get sidelined this month by other fiscal priorities. Thornberry, R-Texas, also raised continued concern that in the face of delays to address new defense funding, a rash of recent and "shocking" Naval warship crashes are obvious symptoms of a strained military operating without badly needed resources.

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