ePortal Newsletter July 22, 2017

July 22, 2017

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  • IAM Webinar: Do you ship HHG in or out of the USA? Make sure you are not breaking the law!
  • New Opportunity to Promote Your Company at the Annual Meeting - Exclusive Escalator Sponsorship
  • Get More Business Through IAM Connected
  • Get to Know the 2017 Hall of Honor Recipients
  • IAM Events App Keeps You Connected Before the Big Event
  • Keep Yourself Safe from Spoofed Emails and Phishing Attempts
  • Recent Posts on IAM Connected
  • Industry News
  • Member News

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IAM Webinar: Do you ship HHG in or out of the USA? Make sure you are not breaking the law!
Save the date for this important education session on September 27, 2017, at 11 am EDT to learn more about the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) and how they regulate the global moving and mobility industry. If your company quotes door to door shipments either to or from the U.S., this is a must-attend session to ensure that it is not targeted for non-compliance by the FMC.

New Opportunity to Promote Your Company at the Annual Meeting - Exclusive Escalator Sponsorship
Imagine placing your company front and center on the escalators that every attendee will use on every day of the Annual Meeting - see example to right.
$5,000 - Includes:
  • 4 clings - one on each side of the inside of one up escalator and one down escalator
  • Center placement fee, creating the clings, placing the clings, removing the clings and clean up fees
  • Artwork needed from the sponsor
Email Katia McKennon at iamexhibits@mmsmeetings.com today to wrap up this or another sponsorship today.

Get More Business Through IAM Connected
IAM Connected is where the association comes to find people to do business with. Some things you can do to meet others are:
  • Complete your profile
  • Upload a photo
  • Make a custom signature
  • Create a post
  • Ask or answer a question or engage in discussion
These are important steps to building your online presence and visibility and we encourage all members to take these steps. Contact Carl Weaver.

Get to Know the 2017 Hall of Honor Recipients
This year's Hall of Honor awardees are Maureen Beal, Estelle Tredway, and Tony Waugh. Read more about them and past recipients on the IAM website. The Hall of Honor was established to pay tribute to industry leaders whose careers reflect exceptional and distinguished service to their companies or the Association, or who have worked to elevate the Industry as a whole. Nominations will reopen around the beginning of the year. Contact Margaret Kerr.

IAM Events App Keeps You Connected Before the Big Event
We are only 79 days from IAM's Annual Meeting and Expo. Do you know who will be there and which exhibitors you need to visit? The IAM Events App is your link to what's happening before, during, and even after the big meeting. Connect with colleagues and make those important meetings now. Plan your conference experience and ensure success for yourself and your partners. Contact Carl Weaver.

Keep Yourself Safe from Spoofed Emails and Phishing Attempts
Some IAM members recently received an email this week that appeared to be from us but actually wasn't, and IAM staff received many questions about this. The good news is that these emails are not coming from us or through our servers. The bad news is that it can be difficult to tell what is real and what should just be deleted. Carl Weaver has some tips for how to tell if an email is real.

Recent Posts on IAM Connected

The FMC recently announced that they have collected almost $1 million USD in fines from industry. Please remember that if you are quoting door to door shipments to or from the US, your company is required to either be licensed or registered with the FMC. Learn more about the specifics of FMC Licensing and Registration on the IAM Website.
The lack of forecast accuracy tops the list, cited as one of the top three barriers by 37% of respondents - even though there is not much anyone can seem to do about forecast accuracy. That was followed by lack of supply chain visibility, and then a lack of cross functional collaboration.
The Drewry World Container Index is down by 6.3% to $1421.4/40 ft container this week, but up by 15% from the same period of 2016. The average composite index of the WCI, assessed by Drewry for year-to-date, is $1,546/40ft container, which is $120 lower than the five-year average of $1,666/40ft container.
Maersk is to conduct a "full post-mortem" on last month's Petya cyber attack that crashed its global computer information systems. It said today enquiries would begin "once our service has returned to more normal conditions". It said it had put in place "different and further protective measures" - details of which it declined to share - in response to the new type of malware virus that had breached its own and Microsoft's antivirus updates and patches.
International law firm Ince&Co presented Singapore's role in China's Belt and Road Initiative, mainly referring to its geopolitical location. Since the 14th century, Chinese traders have spoken of sailing through the Dragon's Teeth Gate, a rocky outcrop at the gateway to the port at Singapore. While the Dragon's Teeth Gate was destroyed in 1848, some still speak of Singapore today as the gate to 'China's Windpipe'.
Jon Conway, director general of the Switzerland-based European industry body, wants the end result of negotiations in Brussels between the UK and the European Commission to "ensure connectivity in the wake of Brexit" and to avoid a "cliff edge scenario". The airport services industry is calling on the UK and the EU to minimise the impact of Brexit on passengers, movement of air cargo, businesses and employees.
With Turkish Cargo posting a 30 percent, year-over-year, jump in 2016, to 3.6 billion freight tonne kilometers (FTKs), the scale of Istanbul's new six-runway airport is suddenly looking more pragmatic. On the logistics side, the country's new airport is nearing completion, setting the stage for a new global cargo hub that could present real competition to freight hubs to the south, such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
Heavy-duty trucks that don't need a driver behind the wheel could be on the road in as little as three years. That's the assessment of industry experts speaking at the Automated Vehicles Symposium in San Francisco on Wednesday, where they laid out a tentative road map for how self-driving trucks will begin to integrate with the existing fleet.
Move for Hunger reports: "Earlier this year, we helped college kids #MoveOutForHunger! Upworthy captured the campaign perfectly! Thank you to Doorsteps, Atlas Van Lines, and Food Recovery Network for helping us feed over 4,000 people! #MoveOut17"
As technology allows shipping companies to digitally peer into the cab of a big rig, some in the industry are starting to ask if it is time to change the way truckers are paid. Major carriers such as J.B. Hunt, Swift Transportation and Schneider generally pay drivers per mile. Other companies, including UPS and FedEx, have switched to hourly pay, which analysts say typically provides truckers with higher incomes and covers delays outside of their control.
FedEx was once again the busiest freight airline in the world, while Qatar Airways, AirBridgeCargo (ABC) and All Nippon Airways were among the fastest growers in 2016 (see end of article for full table). The annual World Air Transport Statistics report from Iata showed that in freight tonne km (FTK) terms, FedEx was the busiest airline in the world last year with scheduled traffic totalling 15.7bn FTK on the back of a slight 0.6% year-on-year decline in demand.
A giant Antarctic iceberg has broken free of the continent and could be about to drift into busy international shipping lanes, a team of British scientists has warned. The iceberg has broken away from the Pine Island Glacier (PIG), part of the Western Antarctic ice sheet.

Member News

Gosselin Mobility announces Mike Cazalet's move back to the USA
Mike Cazalet, president of Gosselin Mobility announces his departure from Gosselin at the end of September 2017. After four years based in Antwerp, Belgium, Mike has agreed with the Gosselin Board that the time is now right to return home to the USA.