eGov/Mil Newsletter: August 12, 2016

August 12, 2016

In this Issue:

  • Personal Property Forum
  • The Wait Continues for Change 2
  • 5 years on, military spending caps haven't brought the total disaster so many predicted
  • SDDC to Issue Advisory Regarding How to Properly “Arrive”/“Deliver” a Shipment in DPS
  • DOD & Government Personal Property News & Notes

Personal Property Forum

The Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) will soon issue an advisory officially detailing the plans for the 2016 Personal Property Forum (PPF). SDDC has shared with IAM that the PPF will be held on Sept. 13 at the Sheraton Pentagon City Hotel in Arlington, Va. The PPF will start at 8:00 a.m. and is scheduled to run through 4:30 p.m.

IAM and AMSA will hold a joint industry-only “pre-PPF” meeting on Sept. 12 from 4:30 to 7:00 p.m. at the same location.

Please be advised that there is not a room block at the hotel for the meeting and the room availability at the hotel is very limited. Hotel availability in the surrounding area is also very tight due to a number of conventions scheduled in the area that same week. If you need a room, book it ASAP.

This is one of the few opportunities that the industry has to interact with its largest customer. We encourage the membership to take advantage of this opportunity to get face to face with key personnel from the SDDC Personal Property Directorate, the Military Service Headquarters, the Military Claims Offices, GSA Audits and a number of Personal Property Shipping Offices.

Source: IAM & SDDC

The Wait Continues for Change 2

The wait for “Change 2” to both the 2016 International Tender and 400NG continues. IAM has been assured by SDDC that Change 2 will be released “soon.”

The key changes that are anticipated to be included in the update are:

  • Changes to Item 508 – Crating
    • We anticipate the $1000 cap on motorcycle crates to be removed with a size caveat still in place.
    • Tempur-Pedic/Foam Mattresses will again be allowed to be approved for external crating
    • The $1000 cap will remain for “Stand Alone” motorized items, e.g. four-wheelers, ATVs, tricycles, etc.
  • Some Changes/clarifications are expected for Item 505 – Reweighs, particularly when it comes to crated shipments (Code 4/T/2).

While IAM has not seen the final product, other changes are expected. Industry participants should read all of the changes very carefully and direct questions to either IAM or SDDC staff.

Source: IAM & SDDC

5 years on, military spending caps haven't brought the total disaster so many predicted

When Congress passed the Budget Control Act in 2011, defense leaders warned the spending caps could have disastrous consequences for military programs and planning.

Five years later, many of those fears have not materialized. But Pentagon leaders and presidential hopefuls are still condemning the law as a danger to national security, and searching for a solution to the problem known as sequestration.

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SDDC to Issue Advisory Regarding How to Properly “Arrive”/“Deliver” a Shipment in DPS

The data SDDC has pulled from DPS this summer shows a continual increase in the number of missed Required Delivery Dates (RDD). In fact, the latest data shows that missed RDDs may be as high as 50 percent in recent weeks on Direct Delivery shipments.

IAM has pushed back on the validity of this data and believes that the data is more of a reflection of DPS data input requirements during the Peak Season than an increase in the number of missed RDDs.

It has long been understood by industry that DPS does not allow for back-dating of delivery dates. If delivery information is input into DPS after the actual delivery has occurred, then DPS does not allow a TSP to input a date in the past. So while the data in DPS may indicate that the delivery occurred after the RDD, it in fact may have delivered on or before the RDD.

It is definitely true that DPS does not allow for back-dating of delivery dates but if a shipment is entered as “arrived” in DPS on the delivery date, the actual input of data regarding the delivery can be back dated to the arrival date.

The process for doing just that is to be detailed in the forthcoming message. TSPs should play close attention to this message and ensure that they are following the process as outlined if they are not doing so already. We believe this will go a long way toward cleaning up the data in DPS to show that the incidence of missed RDDs on Direct Deliveries is nowhere near the frequency that SDDC is current gleaning from the system.

Source: IAM & SDDC

DOD & Government Personal Property News & Notes

Recent SDDC Communications

Fuel Surcharge for Period 8/15/16 to 9/14/16

The price of fuel was $2.35 per gallon as reported on Monday, August 1, 2016 making the upcoming FSC rates for the period 8/15/16 through 9/14/16 as follows:

  • GBL Domestic HHG / International HHG – 0%
  • GSA Domestic HHG – $0.00
  • GSA International HHG and BAG – $0.00

There is no fuel surcharge applicable for the specified period.

SDDC Issues New Qualifications “Regulations”

As reported earlier a new Regulation 55-4, formerly Pamphlet 55-4, has been posted to the new SDDC website. It appears the release of the new set of regulations was delayed due to the recent problems with the SDDC website.

The new regulation shows an effective date of May 18, 2016. That begs the questions as to when enforcement of the document will become effective. Will it be retroactive and become effective as of May 18 or will it be effective on the date that was actually released to the industry?

This new qualifications document has been elevated to the level of a Regulation from the Pamphlet level. A Regulation carries more weight in Department of Defense (DOD) parlance than does a pamphlet and thus gives SDDC greater enforcement authority over the rules/guidelines contained in the new document.

Transportations Service Providers should read the new set of regulations carefully and raise any concerns they may have to IAM staff.

IAM Military News and Resources Page

The IAM Military News and Resources page provides military-based information in an easy-to-navigate tabbed format. In addition, IAM is linking to SDDC Personal Property updates and categorizing them by topic. Currently, on the SDDC website, these updates are hard to find and are organized chronologically – not a very user-friendly way to display information. This new system on the IAM site should make it easy for IAM members to easily find the important information they need. Contact Carl Weaver with questions.

Sources:  IAM, & SDDC