IAM Logistics Network (ILN) Newsletter - July 2015

July 21, 2015

In this Issue:

  • Highlight Your Company in The Portal Magazine
  • ILN at the IAM Annual Meeting
  • ILN Online Directory - Enhanced Directory Showcasing Your Company
  • China To Spend Almost $1 Trillion on Logistics Initiative
  • Learn How To Ship Fashion Items Around the World
  • Quick Links
  • ILN Social Café Community
  • ILN Logo
  • Help Us Expand the Network

IAM Logistics Network: July 2015 eNewsletter

IAM Logistics Network (ILN) eNewsletter
July 2015
Highlight Your Company in The Portal Magazine
Have you completed a logistics project with another ILN Member? Another IAM Member?

Tell us about the project and we'll print it in an upcoming edition of The Portal Magazine providing your company with free promotion. 

Contact Brian Limperopulos at brianl@iamovers.org if you are thinking about submitting an article.  
ILN at the IAM Annual Meeting

Keep your calendars open on Tuesday, October 20, at the Annual Meeting for the following ILN events:


Knowledge Lab: Convert Your Warehouse to Cash

1:30 - 2:30 p.m.         


ILN Annual Meeting

4:00 - 5:30 p.m. 


ILN Networking Reception

5:30 - 6:30 p.m.


We'll have more information about the Knowledge Lab and the agenda for the ILN Annual Meeting in the August ILN eNewsletter. In the meantime, save these dates and times.

ILN Online Directory: Enhanced Listings 

Check out the ILN Online Directory.


This tool provides you with the ability to easily search and browse for companies that can assist you with your various logistics projects. It is also open to the public and will thus serve as a connection point between you and non-ILN potential customers as well.


Remember to update and expand your profile based on your company's services and capabilities. Log in to the Self-Service Menu on the IAM Website


Once logged in, click on "Manage ILN Member Profile" to review and edit your profile. To edit your company profile, click on the icon to the left of "Preview Referral". To review your company profile, click on the "Preview Referral" link. 


Since it is a new tool, we will be looking to improve it with your feedback. To provide feedback and recommendations, submit your comments on the ILN Social Cafe Community.  

China To Allocate $900 Billion in Belt and Road Initiative

"China announces plans to boost the Belt and Road trade by creating economic corridors and investing nearly $900 billion in countries along the route," China Daily reports.

Learn To Ship Fashion Items Around the World

Are you ready to take the next step by diversifying into fashion? Here are some tips on navigating customs to get you started in moving fashion items internationally.

Quick Links: Logistics News and Education


Free College Course on Logistics: Learn the Basics from MIT

One of the great things about the internet is the availability of free resources. One such resource is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) class on Logistics and Supply Chain Fundamentals, which you can use for yourself or your employees. 


Making Hazmat Regulation Compliance Less Hazardous

New technologies simplify hazmat transport regulations to help shippers avoid costly fines and suspended operations. (via: Inbound Logistics)


IAM's Newsfeed Provides Excellent Information Daily about Global Logistics

IAM members can receive daily industry news stories through an email subscription. Just enter your email on the IAM newsfeed webpage on the IAM website and have relevant news delivered to your inbox every day. 


ILN Community on IAM Social Cafe

Join Us on the IAM Social Café


ILN Members can now email, post discussion threads and interface with each other in the ILN Community. Members can access and share archived versions of files. Igniting conversation is simple with the ability to share and attach documents directly within your community.


Learn more about the communities on the Social Cafe:

Discussion Groups for Connected Community by Higher Logic



Reminder to Use ILN Logo
IAM encourages all ILN members to incorporate the Logistics Network's new logo into your marketing materials, business cards, and email signatures to show that you are logistics professionals. This logo design captures the international element of logistics through the incorporation of the globe, and the gears represent the diverse - and often interconnected - nature of the logistics sectors. 

The logo's shape is reminiscent of a key, and the tagline, "The Key to Success in Logistics", spells out what we all strive for in the ILN. 
The logos can be downloaded on the ILN Community on the IAM Social Cafe. Just login and get started. If you've forgotten your username and password, please contact membership@iamovers.org.


Expand the ILN Network!
The ILN aims to match up companies working in logistics across the globe. By expanding the network, we expand our ability to connect and partner for our customers. Do you know a colleague in logistics that is not part of the ILN? Forward this newsletter, invite them to join the ILN, and grow the network for even more worldwide capabilities.