eGov/Mil Newsletter: April 9, 2015

April 09, 2015

In this Issue:

  • Shipment Awards Begin to Flow
  • IAM Visits Scott AFB
  • SDDC Increases DPS Click Counts
  • Movers Concerned About 2015 Peak PCS Season
  • SDDC Releases Changes to the IT-14
  • Pentagon Chief Heads East as US Tries to Maintain Asia Focus
  • FMCSA Issues Rule Increasing Motor Carrier Penalties for Violating Federal Regs
  • IAM Regional Meeting - Limited Availability!
  • DOD & Government Personal Property News & Notes
  • Final call — All member dues invoices must be paid by April 17 or face cancellation
  • Congressman Presses FMCSA About HOS Restart Study Methodology

Shipment Awards Begin to Flow

Editor’s Note: The following item was posted in the IAM Social Café on Apr. 7.

After a number of missteps, Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) and the Defense Personal Property System Program Management Office (DPS PMO) were finally able to repair DPS and start awarding shipments on the May 15 Performance Period (PP) Traffic Distribution List (TDL). Late on April 6 SDDC released the following message and at 7:00 a.m. CDT this morning (April 7) shipment awards started to flow.

SDDC-PP Advisory 15-0075

DATE: 6 April 2015


TO: Military Service Headquarters Representatives, Worldwide Personal Property Shipping Offices (PPSO), and Transportation Service Providers (TSP)

SUBJECT: Defense Personal Property System (DPS) 2015 Rate Cycle Traffic Distribution List (TDL) Available

1. Effective 7 April 2015 at 0700am Central Daylight Time, the 2014 and 2015 Rate Cycle TDLs will be available for all shipment awards. All Personal Property Shipping Offices (PPSOs) will be able to Route and Award all shipments in DPS.

2. Be advised that users in the post-15 May 2015 DPS Route and Award Queue may experience slower than normal performance due to increased number of blackouts.

3. Please report technical issues directly to the SDDC System Response Center (SRC):

a. Email:

b. Telephone: toll free (800) 462-2176 or commercial (618) 589-9445, select Option 5;

c. Internet:

4. Email functional questions and concerns regarding this advisory to

5. This message was approved for release by Lt Col Michael Erhardt, Director, Personal Property.

During the process of trying to fix the problems surrounding awarding shipments on the May 15 TDL, problems also surfaced with booking shipments on the current TDL (Jan. 1-May 14). On a number of occasions shipments in the Jan. 1 TDL were awarded out of order and it was necessary to pull back almost 350 shipments which had been booked with incorrect TSPs. This problem also appears to be remedied and now shipments in both TDLs appear to be awarding properly. Hopefully that will continue.

Now the only remaining question is how the inability to refuse shipments during the 2015 Peak Season will affect the capacity available to DOD this summer?

Source: IAM & SDDC

IAM Visits Scott AFB

Editor’s Note: The following item was posted in the IAM Social Café on Apr. 2.

On March 31, Terry Head, IAM President and Chuck White, IAM Senior Vice-President traveled to Scott Air Force Base, IL to meet with two key "elements" of  the DOD household goods program.

At 11:00 a.m. CDT IAM staff met with the new Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) Personal Property Director, Lt Col (p) Michael Erhardt, the outgoing Personal Property Director, Capt Aaron Stanley and other key SDDC staffers.

The key discussion item was obviously SDDC’s recent decision not to allow shipment refusals during the 2015 Peak Season. Other discussion items included:

  • DPS issues - stability, rate filing, SCR 6975, Releases during the Peak Season,     Communication with TSPs via DPS.
  • The May 15 Traffic Distribution Lists (TDL) shipment booking issues
  • Rate Reasonableness considerations
  • Sale of SCACs and DOD Authorities
  • Rate Filing mistakes by TSPs and punitive action taken
  • Transit Times/Foreign Flag waivers
  • DOD attendance at Industry Meetings

Following the meeting with SDDC staff, the IAM personnel met with the U.S. Transportation Command (USTC) Deputy Commander, Vice Adm. William Brown. VADM Brown is the key individual at USTC with oversight of the Defense Personal Property Program (DP3) and the Defense Personal Property System (DPS). It was VADM Brown that IAM appealed to immediately following SDDC's decision not to allow shipment refusals this summer. A copy of the letter to VADM Brown can be found on the IAM website.

It was this communication that prompted VADM Brown to request a meeting with IAM.

The discussion with VADM Brown also focused on the SDDC decision not to allow shipment refusals this summer but quickly turned to the other key issue that is directly in VADM Brown's purview.....the development and sustainment of the Defense Personal Property System (DPS). IAM believes that the lack of DPS development is the root problem and the reason that SDDC was forced to make the decision regarding shipment refusals. If DPS development was on target then a number of significant features, e.g. SCR 6975, would be in place and there would have been no need for the SDDC reversal on shipment refusals.

VADM Brown indicated he shared our concerns on both the refusal issue and the lack of DPS development.

Regarding the refusal issue VADM Brown directed Lt Col Erhardt, he also was in attendance, to provide him with DAILY updates on the progress of booking shipments on the May 15 TDL. The VADM was aware of the problems already experienced with just getting the booking process started on the Peak Season TDL and was already received daily updates on that problem.

The latest information on when booking will begin on the May 15 TDL is……….. SDDC, the DPS Program Management Office and their contractor (CACI) believe they have identified the problem and will have a fix in place which should allow booking to begin by tomorrow, Thursday April 2. SDDC is supposed to have a message out today outlining the way ahead for summer bookings.

Major takeaways from yesterday’s meetings:

  1. The Peak Season will begin WITHOUT shipment refusals. SDDC and U.S. Transportation Command will be closely monitoring their available capacity and the number of TSP Blackouts. If they reach a point where it becomes too difficult to book shipments they have the ability to reverse their decision quickly. Though….there was discussion of the possibility of only allowing “targeted” refusals. They might just focus on the specific channels or GBLOCs where booking shipments is found to be difficult. How all of this could manifest itself has yet to be determined.

    IAM staff stressed that any decisions to reverse course needed to be made as early as possible. We warned that the capacity available to DOD was fluid. With rebounds in the National Account and COD Markets, if they don’t act quickly the capacity that may normally have been available to them could quickly disappear. The consequences for waiting too long to change course could spell disaster for their peak moving season.

    It is very positive that VADM Brown is now in the communication loop. He understood our concerns and indicated that he shares some of those same concerns.
  2. DPS, The DPS PMO and the DPS developer are under a microscope. We highlighted many of the problems associated with DPS and found that VADM Brown was well aware of the issues and was working to try and pull DPS out of the development hole it has fallen into. He is the key person that can make this happen.
  3. The sale of SCACs and DOD Authorities is on the SDDC radar. The wording associated with the Novation process is under review by the SDDC legal department. Sales of SCACs will no longer be a rubber stamp. SDDC will be putting out further information regarding the specific documentation that will need to be provided in the Novation process and the steps both the transferor and the transferee must take in order for SDDC to approve the transfer of a DOD authority.
  4. A Transit Time review continues and SDDC is also aware of a large increase in Foreign Flag waiver requests. They plan to update the procedure for those requests because they feel that many TSPs are not providing the requests in a timely fashion. They are aware of the circumstances that have led to an increase in the FF waivers and will endeavor to expedite the process. It is s positive that the new Personal Property Director, Lt Col Erhardt, is coming back to the Personal Property Directorate from the SDDC G-3 (Operations) Directorate. The G-3 is the group within SDDC that coordinates the FF waiver process. He is fully aware of the entire end to end Foreign Flag waiver procedure.

Look for further updates in the IAM Social Café.

Sources: IAM & SDDC

SDDC Increases DPS Click Counts

In advisory #15-0067, SDDC increased the allowable DPS Click Counts as follows:

Effective immediately, SDDC is increasing the DPS click count limits from 200 clicks per page/per hour to 300 clicks per page/per hour. This change may help TSPs make frequent blackout adjustments while complying with the system's limits.

NOTE: Short fuse shipment click counts will remain at 100 clicks per hour, per SCAC (Standard Carrier Alpha Code). For reference: HQ SDDC Advisory 15-0035 (short fuse shipment policy).

Movers Concerned About 2015 Peak PCS Season

As this year's peak moving season starts to rev up, industry officials warn there could be some problems on the horizon for troops and their families as a result of a policy change that affects moving companies.

Moving industry officials are concerned that the change could spark problems similar to the troubled 2010 moving season, when some military families were left scrambling after movers did not show up as scheduled to pack and pick up or to deliver their household goods.

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SDDC Releases Changes to the IT-14

On Apr. 2 SDDC posted Change 3 to the 2014 International Tender (IT). This little-noticed change includes some significant update/alterations that transportation service providers (TSP) need to be aware of.

  1. Effective Apr. 1, KKFA will assume responsibility for all inbound & outbound Canada Rate Areas (SDDC-PP Advisory #15-0039)
  2. Effective Apr. 1:
  • Alabama (AL): Transferring responsibility of the Logistics Readiness Center (LRC), Redstone Arsenal, AL (FIAM) to JPPSO-SE, Jacksonville, FL (CNNQ)
  • California (CA): Transferring responsibility of the MAGTF TRNGCOM, Twenty-Nine Palms, CA (LIMT) to JPPSO-SW, San Diego, CA (LKNQ)
  • Kansas (KS): Transferring responsibility of the LRC Fort Leavenworth, KS (KPAT) to JPPSO-NW, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA (JEAT)
  • New York (NY): Transferring responsibility of the LRC West Point, NY (DCAT) to JPPSO-MA, Fort Belvoir, VA (BGAC)
  • North Carolina (NC): Transferring responsibility of the Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS), Cherry Point, NC (BKML) to JPPSO-SE, Jacksonville, FL (CNNQ)
  • Japan (JA): Transferring responsibility of the MCAS Iwakuni, Japan (QEML) to JPPSO Japan Yokosuka, Japan (QENQ)
  1. “Item 221 - Use of Foreign Flag Shipping: Updated Contact Info and Language
  2. Possibly the most critical change is the language associated with crating. All crating is now subject to PPSO pre-approval, even vehicular equipment. Previously the wording in the IT, related to crating of vehicular equipment, was:

“TSPs must receive authorization from the origin PPSO prior to construction of crates/containers with the exception of vehicular equipment (i.e. motorcycles, mopeds, mini-bikes and ATVs), which are automatically authorized crating.”

Now all crates are subject to PPSO pre-approval regardless of the item.

TSPs should carefully review Change 3 to the IT-14.

Sources: SDDC & IAM

Pentagon Chief Heads East as US Tries to Maintain Asia Focus

Islamic extremists grab parts of Iraq and Syria. Yemen slides into civil war. Iran's nuclear program strains U.S. relations with Israel. Ukraine fights Russian-backed separatists.

At a time of crisis across the Middle East and beyond, the Obama administration is trying to keep its focus on a widely advertised shift to Asia.

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FMCSA Issues Rule Increasing Motor Carrier Penalties for Violating Federal Regs

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has issued a final rule increasing most of its motor carrier civil penalties for violations of federal regulations.

In an April 3 Federal Register announcement, the agency said that several laws require the periodic adjustments based on cost-of-living increases that caused the penalty in some cases to increase from 30 percent to nearly 50 percent.

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IAM Regional Meeting - Limited Availability!

The IAM Regional Meeting is now less than 6 weeks away. Book your places now as rooms are running out! After today (April 8), rooms are subject to availability and IAM will be unable to ensure your participation. 

The IAM Regional Meeting will take place May 18-20, with the BAR Annual Conference commencing May 21-23. To book your places for the Regional Meeting, please click here and register through the BAR Conference website.

The IAM/ILN meeting boasts a packed agenda; here are some highlights:

  • General Sessions that include a Global Business Outlook presented by IAM President Terry Head, and examination of customs issues, port congestion, and more 
  • A segment led by IAM Senior VP Chuck White on U.S. Department of Defense plans to close operations at RAF Mildenhall and consolidate other European operations
  • Logistics Presentations and Panel, including how IAM/ILN members are successfully diversifying and capturing this business
  • Plus, no less than four scheduled opportunities devoted to networking

The venue for both the IAM/ILN and BAR meetings is the Hotel Europa in Belfast. See details for conference registration and what is included in the fee. For further information or inquiries about the IAM Regional Meeting, contact Brian Limperopulos at

Before You Register:

  • Agenda: Learn more about the Meeting Agenda
  • Cost: The cost to attend the IAM/ILN meeting is 520.00 GBP, which includes hotel accommodations for three nights (May 18, 19, and 20) and several meals over the course of three days.
  • Accommodations: The conference hotel is Hotel Europa in Belfast. Note: Your registration fee includes accommodations and automatically books you as a Hotel Europa guest.
  • Meeting Packages: On the registration site, you will see a number of packages - for the BAR event, the IAM/ILN event, for both BAR and IAM/ILN and other add-ons. To review the options before registering, go to Packages
  • Attendees: For a combined list of BAR and IAM/ILN attendees, go to Attendees
  • Registration: To register for the Regional IAM / ILN Meeting, click on the link below or from the BAR conference page. Note that when you reach the "Registration Items" screen, scroll down to see the "Full Package for IAM/ILN Seminar" with the corresponding price of 520.00 GBP. Select this item, or one of the choices below it that include add-on BAR events for additional cost.

Register NOW to Ensure Your Spot

Source: IAM

DOD & Government Personal Property News & Notes

Most Recent Blackout Data from SDDC as of Apr. 6

Domestic (Blackout # increases since Apr. 2)

Market: 215 SCACs (8 percent increase)

Channel/COS/Zip3: 21 SCACs (15 percent increase)

GBLOC/Zip3: 82 SCACs (9 percent increase)

GBLOC/Market: 70 SCACS (85 percent increase)


GBLOC/COS (iHHG) 36 SCACs (39 percent Increase)

Market (iHHG) 60 SCACS (42 percent Increase)

Market/GBLOC/Channel (OCONUS-CONUS) 6 SCACS (144 percent Increase)

COS/Zip 3 (iUB) 13 SCACS (22 percent Increase)

Fuel Surcharge for Period 4/15/15 to 5/14/15

The price of fuel was $2.78 per gallon as reported on Monday, April 6, 2015 making the upcoming FSC rates for the period 4/15/15 through 5/14/15 as follows:

GBL Domestic HHG / International HHG – 3 percent

GSA Domestic HHG – $0.00

GSA International HHG and BAG – $0.00

NOTE – You are reading correct above, there is NO fuel surcharge applicable for the specified period. The baseline rate that is used to calculate the fuel surcharge adjustment is $2.999. With the reported cost of fuel now below that baseline amount, a fuel adjustment does not apply.

Sources:  IAM & SDDC  

Final call — All member dues invoices must be paid by April 17 or face cancellation

IAM members who have not paid dues invoices in full by April 17 will be considered cancelled for nonpayment of dues. The names of these companies will be published to the full membership via eBlast within one week after the deadline.

If your company wishes to be listed in the IAM directory, have access to RPP coverage, attend the IAM Annual Meeting & Expo, and enjoy the largest networking event in our industry, you must meet the April 17 deadline for payment.

Pay your invoice now by going online. Log on with your username and password, and click on the button "Pay Open Membership Invoices." If you need login credentials or other assistance, contact To pay by check or bank wire, email We are here to assist you.

Source: IAM

Congressman Presses FMCSA About HOS Restart Study Methodology

Rep. Richard Hanna (R-N.Y.) sent a letter last week to U.S. DOT Secretary Anthony Foxx to air his concerns about the scope of and participants in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Congressionally required 34-hour restart study, which has been in the works since January.

Hanna’s letter includes four key points to Foxx and FMCSA that he says should be considered for the study, including — perhaps of most concern for the study’s efficacy — ensuring selection of drivers that “are truly representative of the industry,” Hanna writes.

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