eGov/Mil Newsletter: November 20, 2014

November 20, 2014

In this Issue:

  • DPS/SDDC Communication Issues Concerning Minimum Performance Scores
  • Horizon Lines Sells Business in Separate Transactions
  • SDDC – Fall 2014 Personal Property Forum (PPF)
  • Regional Storage Management Offices Closure
  • JPPSO-NE Solicitation for Packing and Crating Services
  • IAM Requests Hours of Service (HOS) Exemption
  • New Army Policy Restricts Access to Fort Jackson
  • Military Installation Access Survey
  • DOD & Government Personal Property News & Notes
  • IAM News: RPP Benefit and Dues Restructuring Starting Jan. 1
  • Shipping Delays Appear to be Easing for Troops' Personal Vehicles
  • Hagel urges more base closures, troop benefit cuts
  • Association News: RPP Member Benefit and Dues Realignment to Start Jan. 1

DPS/SDDC Communication Issues Concerning Minimum Performance Scores

Editor’s Note: The following item was posted in the IAM Social Café on Nov. 7. A number of key points should be emphasized:

  1. The Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) was forced to issue a recent message about minimum performance scores four different times due to problems associated with issuing the message via the Defense Personal Property System (DPS). Many Transportation Service Providers (TSP) did not receive the communication at all when it was sent to them via DPS. Some only received the message when it was resent through an SDDC representative’s individual email account, while others never received the message from either method.

    This is critical. Some of the information contained in the message was time sensitive. TSPs need to communicate with both SDDC and IAM if they feel that they are not properly receiving official communications from SDDC.

    The SDDC and the DPS Program Management Office (PMO) are investigating the problem and hope to have a solution soon.
  2. It is interesting and possibly somewhat disconcerting that the Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) Market averages continue to skyrocket. It is not surprising that the CSS average continues to improve; it is the rate of that climb that is surprising. The dHHG and iHHG averages climbed almost a full point in only a little over two months.
  3. The new Minimum Performance Scores (MPS) levels released in July become effective with the January 1 Performance Period. These new MPS levels are considerably higher than last year. TSPs need to ensure their scores and CSS averages are correct and hopefully above the MPS. If an average falls below the MPS, the TSPs will not be eligible to be awarded shipments in the Jan. 1 to May 14 Performance Period and any successive Performance Periods until the scores move back above the MPS.

The MPS levels for 2015 are:

            a.  dHHG: 50.10
            b.  iHHG: 52.80
            c.  iUB:  57.00 

Original blog post:

A question has been raised regarding whether or not all TSPs received the following SDDC message issued today (11/7/14).

I have included the message below particularly because it has some time sensitive information in it. The time to appeal any CSS score begins today and runs through next Thursday (11/13/14).

It is also interesting to note the ever increasing mean score for the CSS in each of the DP3 Markets.

The message indicates that the mean scores for the January 1 - May 14 Performance Period are:
dHHG 87.19;  iHHG 83.39;  iUB 86.80

Less than three months ago the average scores for the October 1 - December 31 Performance Period were released and it is startling to see how much the scores have increased in that short period.

October 1 - December 31 Performance Period - dHHG 86.21;  iHHG 82.34;  iUB 86.43

It is difficult to understand how the scores can continue increase by so much during these very short intervals.

How high can they go????

Subject: Recalculation of CSS Scores for the 1 January to 14 May 2015 Performance Period


DATE: 7 November 2014



SUBJ:  Recalculation of Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) Scores for the 1 January to 14 May 2015 Performance Period  

1. TSPs should review DTR Part IV Chapter 403 on what constitutes a valid CSS appeal.  
2.  The data pull for this recalculation was 1 November 2013 - 31 October 2014 and is effective starting with the 1 January Performance Period.

3. TSPs that are not statistically valid will receive supplemental survey scores which are added only to the remaining needed surveys to achieve statistical validity.  The value attributed to supplemental survey scores is equivalent to the mean (average) value of the market and are calculated each performance period.  The values attributed to the remaining ten surveys are equivalent to the mean (average) market score.  The mean scores for this period are: dHHG 87.19;  iHHG 83.39;  iUB 86.80

4. TSPs should review their CSS scores for accuracy.  The email address to submit appeal requests is  The window to submit CSS appeals is 7 – 13 November 2014.  Any appeals received after 2359 CST on 13 November 2014 will not be considered.  

5.  TSPs should continue to submit non-temporary storage (NTS) and CSS appeals for all Standard Carrier Alpha Codes (SCACs) represented in one message.  All appeals MUST be sent from an individual that is on that TSP’s Electronic Tender of Service Signature Sheet (ETOSSS).  We will send an email verifying receipt of your appeal within two (2) business days.  If you do not receive a receipt email, contact Mr. Mike Dobbs at 618-220-5404 or Mr. Ed Naki at 618-220-5483.  Please send appeals in a Microsoft Excel workbook, and include data for each of the following columns:   
TSP PoC    TSP Email    TSP Company    SCAC    GBL #    Appeal Type (CSS or NTS)    CSS Appeal Reason

6.  To facilitate prompt processing, include the words “NTS/CSS Appeal” in the email subject line.  Do NOT send copies of government bills of lading (GBL) as they are no longer needed.  TSPs can re-submit any appeals that miss the cut-off during the NEXT recalculation of the CSS.  

7.  Reminder:  The CSS must be completed within 12 months of the delivery date, and within 24 months of pickup date.  If appeal is a date reason, just put “Dates” as a reason.  A simple data pull will verify these.  If appeal is for a “conversion to member’s expense”, just put “Conversion” as reason.  Do not send in appeals for zero score surveys.  Since October 2012 SDDC has been removing them from ICSS at each monthly upload.  Reminder:  NTS appeals are only for those shipments delivered out of NTS, and should NOT include shipments out of SIT or a self storage unit.

8.  Scores can be viewed using the Interim Customer Satisfaction Survey (ICSS) tool located on the ETA website (, Personal Property, ICSS.  Please use the report titled “TSP CSS Score” and run the report for performance period.  If you do not have access to the ICSS tool you may request via email at  The request must come from the Vice-President or above of the company and must contain the SCAC, TSP name, employee name, position, phone number, and email address.

9.  This message is approved for release by Ms. Jill Smith, Chief, Business Processes and Systems Integration Division, HQ SDDC.

Source: IAM & SDDC

Horizon Lines Sells Business in Separate Transactions

Horizon Lines Inc., based in Charlotte, North Carolina, said it has agreed to sell the bulk of its business to Matson Inc.

In separate transactions, Horizon will sell its ocean freight business to and from Hawaii to The Pasha Group, in San Rafael, California, and also terminate service between the United States and Puerto Rico.

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SDDC – Fall 2014 Personal Property Forum (PPF)

­There was an excellent turnout for the "Industry Only" Pre-PPF sponsored by IAM and AMSA held in Fairview Heights, Ill. outside Scott Air Force Base on Nov. 17 and the next day well over 300 attendees participated during the formal PPF hosted by the Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) in the same location. The full slide deck is available for download.

Industry attendees and SDDC staffers were welcomed and heard opening comments from Mr. William H. Budden, Deputy to the Commander of SDDC. Mr. Budden laid out both near and long-term objectives of the Command and provided an outlook on the volume of DOD household moving the industry might expect over the next several years.

Capt. Aaron K. Stanley, USN, Director, Personal Property, reviewed the agenda and format for the day’s planned briefings and discussion topics. 

Attendees were subsequently briefed by Mr. Tim Knapp and Ms. Roni McDaniels on the status and future plans for the Defense Personal Property System (DPS).

IAM staff and the Association’s volunteer leadership will be reporting more details and potential follow-on action in the near future once they have had the opportunity to digest and assess impacts on the industry and membership.

Regional Storage Management Offices Closure

SDDC-PP Advisory 15-0006

DATE:  5 November 2014


TO:    Military Service Headquarters Representatives, Non-temporary Storage

       Transportation Service Providers and Worldwide Personal Property Shipping Offices


1.  The following Regional Storage Management Offices will cease operations on 31 Dec 2014:

a. Northeast Regional Storage Office, Naval Weapons Station, Earle, NJ

b. Southeast Regional Storage Office, Forest Park, GA

c. Western Regional Storage Office, Concord, CA

2.  Effective immediately, responsibility for the storage and related services for these geographic areas will be assumed by the Storage Management Office (SMO) located at HQ Military Surface Deployment & Distribution Command, 1 Soldier Way, Bldg 1900W, Scott Air Force Base, IL 62225.

3.  For assistance customers must contact the SMO Customer Service at COMM:

618-220-6292, DSN: 770-6292 or email:

4. This message is approved for release by Craig McKinley, Chief, Acquisitions and Services Division, HQ SDDC.

Source: SDDC

JPPSO-NE Solicitation for Packing and Crating Services

A business opportunity is scheduled to arise with JPPSO-NE. JPPSO-NE Deputy Director/Resource Advisor Russell E. DePietro writes:

The synopsis for the upcoming DPM contract(s) for the Joint Base McGuire/Dix/Lakehurst NJ area is now posted on FedBizOpps.  The description of the contract is listed as well as the zones the contract(s) will cover. 

There are directions how to register in SAM (Systems for Award Management) which is the only way to bid on these contracts.  The anticipated start date of the contract(s) is on or around 15 Jan 15.  The requirement is 100% set-aside for small business.  It will be a firm-fixed price contract expected to span a base year and four option years.

The actual solicitation will be posted around November 27 2014.

Go to Click on Opportunities / opportunities, type in keyword “FA2835-15-R-0003” and search.

IAM Requests Hours of Service (HOS) Exemption

In yesterday’s Federal Register, IAM was mentioned as having requested exemption from the hours of service (HOS) imposed by the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA). IAM's exemption request is on behalf of all FMCSA-authorized carriers moving household goods, regardless of membership in IAM or any other professional society. This comes after AMSA requested exemption for its members two months ago. FMCSA will take public comments on this for 30 days, ending on Dec. 19. IAM members and others are encouraged to comment and stress the need for this exemption.

A summary of the request:

FMCSA announces that the International Association of Movers (IAM) has applied for an exemption from FMCSA's regulation prohibiting operators of commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) from driving following the 14th hour after coming on duty. IAM's exemption request is on behalf of all FMCSA-authorized carriers moving household goods, regardless of membership in IAM or any other professional society. The requested exemption would be used only by drivers who need to move their vehicles from the customer's residence or military base to a safe place for overnight parking when there are delays in completing the job. In no case would the drivers be permitted to drive more than 75 miles or 90 minutes after the 14th hour. FMCSA requests public comment on IAM's application for exemption.

New Army Policy Restricts Access to Fort Jackson

Visitors to Fort Jackson now will have to be escorted or be vetted by the FBI and receive credentials to have access to the post, although the rules allow flexibility for some large events, according to the garrison commander.

Previously, visitors simply had to show their driver's licenses to visit the fort's water park, museums, golf course and other destinations. The restricted access is to comply with new Army regulations intended to protect soldiers and their families from attacks such as the one in Ottawa, Canada, last month in which a lone gunman killed a soldier guarding that country's National War Memorial, Col. Mike Graese said.

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Military Installation Access Survey

**Editor’s Note: Access to military installations continues to be an issue for all organizations doing work on military bases. IAM is supporting the National Defense Transportation Association’s (NDTA) effort to gather information/data on the scope of the problem in order to provide DOD with feedback supporting our efforts to standardize and streamline the process of getting commercial personnel onto military bases. If you are an organization that must access military installations, we encourage you to take a few minutes to complete the survey described below.

As military carriers are all aware, motor carriers frequently experience a wide range of challenges accessing military installations, including inconsistent standards, various forms of ID required, various types of background checks performed, background checks returning false information, and more. The NDTA Surface Committee and Munitions Sub-Committee have been working closely with USTRANSCOM and the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) in an effort to standardize and/or improve the process.

In order to quantify the magnitude of this issue, OSD and USTRANSCOM have requested that motor carriers provide "hard historical data," by directing drivers to complete a short survey each time they pick up or deliver a DOD load (i.e. attempt to access a base or installation). The proposed duration of the survey is between 1 October and 31 December of 2014.

The Driver Survey on DOD Installation Access is available electronically and is accessible on mobile devices, or may be completed by hand using this form. Carriers are asked to instruct drivers to begin collecting data immediately, each time they enter a military installation/facility, and to continue doing so through the end of the year. Paper surveys may be consolidated and mailed or emailed to the following: National Defense Transportation Association (NDTA), ATTN: Mr James Veditz, 50 South Pickett Street, Suite 220, Alexandria, VA 22304. Forms may also be emailed to

Source: NDTA, AMSA & IAM

DOD & Government Personal Property News & Notes

Items from the Oct/Nov SDDC News “U” Can Use newsletter

When the Nearest DOD SIT Facility is Located 50 Miles or More from Block 18

Industry has requested SDDC address whether a TSP will be authorized a “long delivery” when the nearest DOD-approved SIT facility is over 50 miles from block 18. Per the DP3 business rules "All SIT and related charges are based on the requested pickup (block 19 of the PPGBL/BL) and/or the requested delivery ad-dress (block 18 of the PPGBL/BL) at the time the shipment is offered and accepted by the TSP." Therefore, the TSP is authorized payment for delivery based on block 18 (not the SIT facility) to the actual delivery address. For further guidance see the 2014 400NG Change 1, Item 17 (1) and 2014 International Tender Change 1, Item 216, f, (2)b, (3)b.

**Editor’s Note: IAM does not agree with this interpretation of the DP3 Business rules and will continue to push for further review by SDDC regarding these situations. We feel it is not a fair and equitable way for SDDC to handle these situations which are beyond the TSP’s or delivery agent’s control.

Personal Property Europe Office

Our Personal Property Office in Europe recently hired a new supervisory Traffic Management Specialist. Please extend a warm welcome to Mr. René Guionnaud, Jr. He comes to Personal Property from SDDC G9 with a wealth of Air Force personal property experience and has already hit the ground running. Our Personal Property Europe staff can be reached by sending an email to the organizational box,

Regionalization Schedule





1.  HQ SDDC is advising all parties that the following locations are scheduled to Regionalize on January 1, 2015.




2.  For questions please contact the HQ SDDC Business Process and System


3.  This message is approved for release by Ms. Jill Smith, Chief, Business Processes and Systems Integration Division, HQ SDDC.

NTS Tracker for Old Invoices

The following are links to SDDC updates on the initiative to pay old outstanding Non-Temporary Storage Invoices:

Don’t Forget the New Foreign Flag Waiver Request Contact Information

As of 20 October 2014, the following changes apply to the FFW process.  TSPs must submit all FFW requests via email to HQ SDDC G-3 located at Scott AFB, IL.

     1) FFW request email:

     2) FFW request telephone #:

            a) Primary:     618-220-6646

            b) Alternate:    618-220-5870

DTR Updates

A number of updates were made to sections of the Defense Transportation Regulations (DTR) Part IV in September. Updates were made to:

  • Chapter 401 – General
  • Chapter 402 – Shipment Management
  • Chapter 403 – Best value
  • Appendix B – Tender of Service
  • Appendix G, Attachment G4 – DPM PWS

A detailed list of changes can be found in the Change Request section of the Transcom website.

SDDC What’s New – SDDC Issues Guidance on Handling DPS Shipments During Outages

This advisory provides guidance for PPSO and TSP users who may assist in managing the workload bottlenecks during scheduled system outages.

Source: SDDC & IAM

IAM News: RPP Benefit and Dues Restructuring Starting Jan. 1

On January 1, all Core and Governing members will receive RPP as a member benefit. Also taking effect January 1 is a restructuring of IAM member dues. We have provided a video and FAQs to explain how the RPP works and details of the dues restructuring.

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Shipping Delays Appear to be Easing for Troops' Personal Vehicles

The backlog of troops' privately owned vehicles has almost been cleared, according to an analysis of numbers provided by the contractor responsible for shipping troops' cars on reassignment moves to and from overseas.

According to numbers provided by International Auto Logistics, there are 7,722 privately owned vehicles in transit. But it's unclear how many of those vehicles are past their required delivery dates. In the previous six weeks, about 8,000 vehicles had been dropped off by service members or civilians to begin their journey, and generally it takes an average of six weeks for a vehicle to be delivered, depending on where the vehicle is headed.

By comparison, 14,100 vehicles were reported by IAL as being in transit about six weeks ago.

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Hagel urges more base closures, troop benefit cuts

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is calling on lawmakers to approve a new round of military base closures and limit troop benefits to give the Pentagon flexibility to address its budget woes.

“The longer we defer the tough choices, the tougher they will be to make down the road and the more brutal the outcome,” Hagel warned Saturday at the Reagan Defense Forum in Simi Valley, Calif.

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Association News: RPP Member Benefit and Dues Realignment to Start Jan. 1

Beginning Jan. 1, all Core and Governing members of IAM will receive membership in the Receivable Protection Program (RPP) as part of their regular membership and for the first time, the RPP will cover exposure for U.S. Military and Governments Shipments. In addition, the IAM dues structure will change at the beginning of the year. Read more about the RPP inclusion and dues restructuring and watch IAM President Terry Head’s video on both of these subjects.