eGov/Mil Newsletter: August 29, 2014

August 29, 2014

In this Issue:

  • End of Peak Season Shipment Distribution
  • NTS Payment Issue
  • New Rate Filing Module to be Added to DPS for 2015
  • New Security Policy to Tighten Gate Restrictions
  • Scott Darling to Become Acting Administrator at FMCSA
  • DOD & Government Personal Property News & Notes

End of Peak Season Shipment Distribution

The comments below are a follow up to an item titled “Where have all the shipments gone?” found in the August 15, 2014 eGov newsletter:

As we moved into the final month of the Peak Season the Association began to hear angst from a significant number of the international Transportation Service Providers (TSPs) regarding what they perceive as an abnormally large drop off in shipment volumes. These inquiries began shortly after the August 1 Performance Period started as TSPs quickly noted a dramatic drop off in shipment awards.

They were aware of the new Performance Period and what that may imply but all seemed to think that this felt very different than other Performance Period transitions. The drop off in shipments had been more dramatic than they had experienced in any previous new “rack & stack”.

IAM staff contacted SDDC and asked for a review of the distribution methodology beginning with the August 1 Performance period. The fear was that either we saw a huge drop in the shipment awards or that a problem with the shipment distribution, similar to what was seen two Peak Seasons ago, may have occurred.

The following information was provided by SDDC regarding shipment volumes since August 1:

There have been slightly more iHHG awards between August 1 to August 18 than the same period last year.


  2013 2014
dHHG 7958 8574
iHHG 4356 4463
iUB 2707 2977

From this information we can obviously see that any drop off in a TSPs shipment volume cannot be attributed to overall DOD shipment volumes since August 1.

SDDC then researched whether or not the DPS shipment distribution logic was working properly. Key members of the SDDC-QA Team looked at a number of the high volume channels and indicated that:

I have specifically checked 3 high award channels (88 to GE, GE to 45, and KS to US66) to ensure the awards on the new performance period are indeed using the correct TDL and they are.

IAM did take it one step further. We asked one of the TSPs that had been questioning the distribution to provide SCAC specific information on channels in which they were in the first Quality Band and their exact position in those channels. Again, SDDC checked their information and verified that the distribution was working as it should be. They provided the following feedback:

Quick overview of some bigger channels:

GE to US??: Avg number of shipment on these channels is 10, you’re ranked in the 20's.

US?? To GE: ??: Avg number of shipment on these channels is 11, you’re ranked in the 20's

JA01 TO US?? Avg per channel is 5 shipments

US?? To JA01 Avg is 4 shipments per channel. Again you ranking is in the teens to twenties.

Even in your best positions, there just isn't the volume yet on those channels you’re ranked the highest.

It appears, at least from the limited information that has been provided, that the distribution process is working as it should be.

TSPs should continue to monitor their shipment awards for any anomalies and contact the Association immediately with any questionable shipment distribution situations that may arise.

Source: IAM & SDDC

NTS Payment Issue

SDDC and the military services have been working to resolve the backlog of NTS payments. They received a large amount of information from NTS providers about unpaid invoices, but much of the information provided was combined with newer invoices, DPM invoices, or paid invoices, thus making the analysis more difficult. They have been able to work through and get some of those invoices paid, but recognize that problems remain.

SDDC is preparing another data request to try to identify what remains to be worked. Please make sure to carefully review their instructions, and only provide the unpaid invoices in the categories requested.

Source: IAM, AMSA & SDDC

New Rate Filing Module to be Added to DPS for 2015

The DPS Program Office has indicated that they are in the process of formulating their FY15 schedule for the Defense Personal Property System (DPS). Though a formal FY15 schedule is not yet available, IAM has learned that a new rate filing module is planned to be moved into the DPS production environment on December 19, 2014. This new module will be used to file rates in February 2015, which will be effective for the 2015 Annual Cycle.

Manugistics, the commercial off-the-shelf product that is currently used for DPS/DP3 rate filing, will be removed from DPS and replaced with the new module being built by the DPS contractor, CACI. The old Manugistics product is no longer being supported by its manufacturer so DOD must remove it from DPS, as it will be viewed as security vulnerability.

Here's a summary of the changes in this release:

  • The RFQ Workbench will be replaced by a new User Interface (UI).
  • The BidLinx UI will be removed (no replacement).
  • No changes are being made to the bulk rate filing UI or the overall rate filing process.

This is a major change from the current model and IAM is endeavoring to have TSPs involved in the testing of the new rate filing capability. However, it appears there will only be a very short window, in advance of the December 19 release, to “test drive” the new capability.

We will keep the membership informed as the development of this new capability moves forward.

Source: IAM & DPS Program Office

New Security Policy to Tighten Gate Restrictions

An article published August 13 on may have far-reaching implications for the HHG industry. Base access has been a hotly discussed topic for some time. All of the military services seem to have a different approach to base access but ultimately it is the base commander that makes the final decision regarding what is necessary to gain access to an installation.

Some bases allow access with almost any government-issued ID, others require a preapproved gate pass, and the RapidGate pass is necessary at many Navy installations and is starting to gain traction at some Army bases. The Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) had been identified as the standard by the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) as early as 2009 but it hasn't gained the traction that most within industry had hoped. Some bases accept the TWIC while others have no idea about the credential.

IAM has discussed the need for a uniform standard for base access with many levels within DOD/OSD, U.S. Transportation Command (USTC), SDDC and all of the military service headquarters. But, it was not until the number of recent tragic shooting incidences on military installations that a major effort looking at base access was undertaken by DOD.

Unfortunately for the household goods industry what has come out of this recent effort may be even more onerous than what many installations currently have in place. Very soon ALL industry personnel may be subject to a full FBI background check every time they try to access any DOD installation.

Read the article and provide any comments or thoughts you may have regarding what you believe the effect of implementation of the "IMESA" system will be on the DOD HHG industry.

Source: IAM

Scott Darling to Become Acting Administrator at FMCSA

Scott Darling, chief counsel of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, will become acting administrator after the departure of Anne Ferro, who has held the position nearly five years.

Ferro released the news to colleagues in an e-mail Aug. 22, her last day as administrator before becoming president of the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators on Aug. 25.

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DOD & Government Personal Property News & Notes

Fall PPF

SDDC provided IAM with a tentative date for the Fall Personal Property Forum (PPF). The meeting is being planned for November 18, 2014 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The SDDC Personal Property Directorate is waiting for final approval for the meeting from the SDDC Commanding General.

Once finalized, IAM and AMSA will schedule a Pre-PPF meeting on the 17th which will begin at 4:00 p.m.

A final decision on where the meeting will be held is still pending, however it is very likely it will once again be held at the Four Points Sheraton in Fairview Heights, IL. 

Updating Delivery Dates in DPS

A number of the Military Service headquarters have voiced concerns, raised by their Shipping Offices, regarding what appears to be a rise in frequency of TSPs not updating the delivery dates for shipments in DPS in a timely fashion. Without proper notification of delivery dates PPSO are unable to properly schedule their quality assurance inspections

The International Tender, Item 510 – Note 3, requires that:

Once the TSP and member/employee have agreed to a delivery date, the TSP MUST update DPS with a "Scheduled delivery date" PRIOR to the actual delivery date or two (2) hours after agreeing to a delivery date/time with the customer, whichever is EARLIER. If a TSP fails to enter the scheduled delivery date in DPS the PPSO will have grounds for disapproval of any attempted delivery charge, even if the delivery was scheduled by the PPSO.

The Services have warned that if a PPSO identifies that a TSP has a pattern of not completing this requirement punitive action can be taken.

NDTA-USTRANSCOM Fall Meeting 2014

NDTA and USTRANSCOM are once again co-sponsoring a Fall Meeting at the Renaissance St. Louis Grand Hotel in St. Louis, Missouri, 28-30 October 2014. The purpose of the meeting is to stimulate wider interest and inquiry into technical and professional issues involving Department of Defense (DOD) transportation requirements. The meeting will provide information, training, and strategic overview for personnel of the DOD, and will also assist industry in anticipating and meeting future DOD needs.

Register and get more information on the NDTA website.

Sources:  IAM, NDTA & SDDC