eGov/Mil Newsletter: August 15, 2014

August 15, 2014

In this Issue:

  • October 1 Recalculation of CSS
  • Where Have All of the Shipments Gone?
  • Linda Bauer Darr Resigns as AMSA President & CEO
  • Ferro: FMCSA Succession Plan to Occur Soon
  • DOD & Government Personal Property News & Notes
  • DOD Finds Problems at Root of Troops’ Delayed Vehicle Shipments
  • Fusion Team Addresses Personal Vehicle Shipping Issues
  • Senate Panel Advances Conference Accountability Act

October 1 Recalculation of CSS

The following message was issued by SDDC on August 13. It details the normal process that Department of Defense (DOD) Transportation Service Providers (TSP) must follow in order to ensure they receive the proper Customer Satisfaction Survey Score (CSS)/ Performance Score (PS) for the October 1 Performance Period.

TSP should make note of the CSS appeal window referenced in item number three. The appeal window is now open and closes at midnight on August 19, 2014. No appeals for the October 1 Performance Period will be accepted after that point.

Another interesting note is the continuing increase in the mean Customer Satisfaction Scores for each of the Defense Personal Property Program (DP3) Markets. The scores effective for the October 1 Performance Period are as follows:

Domestic Household Goods (dHHG) – 86.21

International Household Goods (iHHG) – 82.34

International Unaccompanied Baggage (iUB) – 86.43

These numbers are surprising for a number of reasons. The mean scores received for the August 1 – September 30 Performance Period just a little less than two months ago showed the following averages:

dHHG 84.75;  iHHG 81.97;  iUB 86.26

It seems a bit surprising that the Domestic mean could jump almost 1.5 points over that short period of time. We also see relatively significant increases in the other two Markets as well.

Not only is the size of the increases surprising over that very short time period, the increases also seem a bit odd, considering that at least two months of data from the 2014 Peak Season is included in the data pull used to determine these mean scores: August 1, 2013 through July 31, 2014. Historically, during the Peak Season the mean score has dipped.

Some of this may be due to the fact that we may not see the full impact of the Peak Season scores until sometime later in the year when we see a full accounting of those scores included in the data pull. But it is still surprising to see such significant increases.

It should be evident to all of the DP3 stakeholders that the household industry continues to improve its service to the Department of Defense. The mean CSS continue to trend up in every Market and in almost every Performance Period. The industry needs to be commended for its efforts to continually improve its performance to military members regardless of the time of year.


DATE: 13 August 2014



SUBJ: Recalculation of Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) Scores for the 1 Oct to 31 Dec 2014 Performance Period 

1. TSPs should review DTR Part IV Chapter 403 on what constitutes a valid CSS appeal. 

2.  The data pull for this recalculation was 1 August 2013 - 31 July 2014 and is effective starting with the 1 October Performance Period.

3. TSPs that are not statistically valid will receive supplemental survey scores which are added only to the remaining needed surveys to achieve statistical validity.  The value attributed to supplemental survey scores is equivalent to the mean (average) value of the market and are calculated each performance period.  The values attributed to the remaining ten surveys are equivalent to the mean (average) market score.  The mean scores for this period are: dHHG 86.21; iHHG 82.34; iUB 86.43

4. SDDC asks each TSP to review their CSS scores for accuracy.  The email address to submit appeal requests is  The window to submit CSS appeals is 13 – 19 August 2014.  Any appeals received after 2359 CST on 19 Aug 2014 will not be considered. 

5.  TSPs should continue to submit Non-Temporary Storage (NTS) and CSS appeals for all SCACs represented in one message.  All appeals MUST be sent from an individual that is on that TSP’s ETOSSS.  We will send an email verifying receipt of your appeal within two (2) business days.  If you do not receive a receipt email, contact Mike Dobbs at 618-220-5404 or Ed Naki at 618-220-5483.  Please send appeals in an Excel spreadsheet with all of the below columns filled out. 

TSP PoC    TSP Email    TSP Company    SCAC GBL #   Appeal Type (CSS or NTS)      CSS Appeal Reason

For prompt processing, the email subject line must include the words “NTS/CSS Appeal”.  Do NOT send copies of GBLs as they are no longer needed.  TSPs can re-submit any appeals that miss the cutoff during the NEXT recalculation of the CSS.  Reminder:  The CSS must be completed within 12 months of the delivery date, and within 24 months of pickup date.  If appeal is a date reason, just put “Dates” as a reason.  A simple data pull will verify these.  If appeal is for a “conversion to member’s expense”, just put “Conversion” as reason.  Do not send in appeals for zero score surveys.  Since October 2012 SDDC has been removing them from ICSS at each monthly upload.  Reminder:  NTS appeals are only for those shipments delivered out of NTS, and should NOT include shipments out of SIT or a self storage unit.

Scores can be viewed using the Interim Customer Satisfaction Survey (ICSS) tool located on the ETA website (, Personal Property, ICSS.  Please use the report titled ‘TSP CSS Score’ and run the report for performance period.  If you do not have access to the ICSS tool you may request via email at  The request must come from the Vice-President or above of the company and must contain the SCAC, TSP name, employee name, position, phone number, and email address.

6.  This message is approved for release by Ms. Jill Smith, Chief, Business Processes and Systems Integration Division, HQ SDDC.

Source: IAM & SDDC

Where Have All of the Shipments Gone?

Since the August 1 Performance Period began, IAM staff has received numerous calls from the membership asking, “Where are all of the shipments?”

For many it seemed that the August 1 Performance Period not only signaled the end of the Peak Season but a total dropoff of shipments moving in the international markets, the International household goods Market in particular.

IAM posed the question to SDDC and received, as expected, the standard response, “It is the beginning of a new Performance Period and TSPs must wait until it’s their turn in the Quality Bands to begin receiving shipments.”

While this is understandable and may very well explain the situation, the number of TSPs reaching out to the Association seems well above the norm for a regular change in Performance Periods. Something just feels a bit different.

Each week SDDC holds a Peak Season teleconference with all of the military services and the Associations. During that call they provide weekly and cumulative Peak Season shipment volume data. At first glance the data would lead one to believe that there has not been any significant drop off in shipment awards either recently or as a whole for this Peak Season. In fact the numbers provided indicate that the 2014 has been slightly more robust than the average of the 2012 and 2013 Peak Season. Here are the most current numbers through the week ending August 15 (the data is pulled from DPS the Monday of that week).

Peak Season (May 15 – Aug 31) 2-yr Avg 2014
Cumulative Booked 149,833 151,755

Cumulative Awards Peak Season by Market (May 15 – Aug 31)

dHHG – 81,057

iHHG – 42,570

iUB – 28,128

Numbers in Week 32 (ending 8/8) 3-yr Ave 2014
Counseled 8,767 8,924
Awarded 7,143 7,334
Picked Up 7,943 9,100

Though the numbers show a somewhat rosy picture of the Peak Season volumes, it does not provide a snapshot of what has gone on since the August 1 “rack & stack” and it also does not segment out the iHHG volumes in the last few weeks.

In our weekly teleconference with SDDC we raised this issue and SDDC promised to take a closer look at international volumes and the distribution of shipments, since the August 1 Performance Period began. They also agreed to start breaking out the data to allow for a weekly review of the volume trends by Market.

Stay tuned for further updates on this issue in the Gov/Mil Blog found in IAM’s Social Café

Source: IAM & SDDC

Linda Bauer Darr Resigns as AMSA President & CEO

AMSA Press Release:

Linda Bauer Darr Resigns as AMSA President & CEO

Scott Michael to Serve as Interim CEO

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – President and CEO Linda Bauer Darr today announced plans to leave the American Moving & Storage Association, and take over leadership of the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association (ASLRRA).  Upon her departure, AMSA Vice President of Military & Government Relations, Scott Michael will serve as interim President and CEO while the AMSA Executive Committee begins its search for a permanent CEO.

During Darr's tenure at AMSA, the organization has faced many challenges on behalf of the industry, including deregulation and the loss of the collective tariff, a class action lawsuit, battling a negative industry image propagated by rogue operators, and an economic recession driven by the collapse of the housing market that resulted in the closing of many industry businesses.

Under Darr’s leadership, the AMSA team has built a strong and stable association providing an expansive array of products and services to members, while enhancing and expanding the industry’s advocacy and image efforts.  Advances made during her tenure include:

  • Launch of the ProMover brand, the industry’s official certification program for professional, ethical movers gaining accolades from the Better Business Bureau, Angie's List, Consumer Reports and a broad range of industry rating organizations.
  • The strongest working relationship with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in the industry's history.
  • Membership growth from a low of 2,750 to a high of 4,200 members including the agents of all major van lines
  • Expanded media relations efforts that have positioned the association as a leading expert on the move process and the primary resource for consumer-oriented tools, tips and information on moving.

According to AMSA Board Chair, Steve Burns, “Linda has guided this association through difficult times and as a result of her efforts and that of our excellent team, AMSA is stronger today than we have ever been.  We wish Linda nothing but success in her new endeavors.”

Darr’s departure is scheduled for the end of September, following AMSA’s Fall Board and Committee Meetings.  According to Darr, "this has been the most transformative time in my career and I have been incredibly fortunate to have served this noble industry under the leadership of a supportive and collaborative Board.  Our volunteer leadership demonstrated tremendous vision during some very challenging times."  As for the AMSA staff, Darr said "this AMSA team has made me proud every day.  It was a great honor to work with this strong and nimble group and their never-failing positive attitude of 'We got this!'  They are the best in the business."

Scott Michael is well known as an industry veteran, serving in a variety of leadership positions at AMSA over 21 years.  According to Burns, "Scott Michael has been a real stalwart in his service to this industry.  He is well respected by the entire AMSA team and his industry colleagues.  I'm confident he will do a great job for us during this transition for AMSA."

Source: AMSA

Ferro: FMCSA Succession Plan to Occur Soon

The Obama administration in the coming days will announce new leadership at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the agency’s outgoing administrator told reporters Aug. 14.

FMCSA Chief Anne Ferro, who will take over as president and CEO of the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators on Aug. 25, said she will remain administrator through next week. Before she begins her new job, a transition plan will be unveiled, she said.

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DOD & Government Personal Property News & Notes

Fall PPF

SDDC provided IAM with a tentative date for the fall Personal Property Forum (PPF). The meeting is being planned for November 18 from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. The SDDC Personal Property Directorate is waiting for final approval for the meeting from the SDDC Commanding General.

Once finalized, IAM and AMSA will schedule a Pre-PPF meeting on the 17th which will begin at 4:00 p.m.

A final decision on where the meeting will be held is still pending however it is very likely it will once again be held at the Four Points Sheraton in Fairview Heights, Ill.


August SDDC News “U” Can Use Newsletter Highlights

Defense Personal Property Program "Unlimited Refusal" Policy

The DP3 "unlimited refusal" policy instituted for the 2014 peak season terminated July 31. TSPs may not refuse shipments with requested pickup dates on or after August 1 without penalty. PPSOs may need to monitor their shipment management queues frequently, and TSPs are encouraged to utilize blackout capabilities as needed. Please email questions relating to this topic to:

Storage Management Offices Established At HQ SDDC

The Central Regional Storage Management Office completed its transition to HQ SDDC, Scott Air Force Base, Illinois in July 2014. This move officially ended CRSMO storage operations in the Topeka, Kansas area. The former regional storage office is now part of the HQ SDDC Personal Property Storage Management Office. PPSOs and TSPs previously serviced by the CRSMO may contact the Storage Management Office at 618-220-6292.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Appeals

SDDC would like to remind TSPs that there are four primary reasons to appeal a CSS as outlined in the DTR Part IV Chapter 403 paragraph C: non-temporary storage shipments; CSS date is one year after delivery or two years after pickup date; reshipments when a shipment is re-awarded to a different TSP; and shipments that have converted to customers’ expense. Individual CSS Scores are based on the customers’ personal satisfaction with the quality of the packing crew, the timeliness of pickup and delivery, and the quality of the destination service. It is understood that individual CSS scores are subjective metrics that, by definition, cannot be appealed or disputed. (Reference DTR IV Chapter 403, paragraph C9 Note). TSPs should get accustomed to using Defense Personal Property System analytics to review CSS scores and dates, as this is the source document utilized to calculate TSP CSS scores.

2014 Peak Season Hotwash

The 2014 Peak Season Hotwash is currently scheduled for September 10-11. Collective discussions will center around what went well this peak season, what could have been done differently, and identifying possible changes to the program/system which could make a positive impact to Peak Season 2015. If you have any ideas to share, please funnel them through your chain of command to your Service Headquarters or to your respective Indus-try Association. If you are a TSP that is not a member of an association, please forward ideas to SDDC at  We look forward to discussing these possibilities in a centered discussion with the program stakeholders.  

Updating Delivery Dates in DPS

A number of the Military Service headquarters have voiced concerns, raised by their Shipping Offices, regarding what appears to be a rise in frequency of TSPs not updating the delivery dates for shipments in DPS in a timely fashion. Without proper notification of delivery dates, PPSOs are unable to properly schedule their quality assurance inspections.

The International Tender, Item 510 – Note 3, requires that:

Once the TSP and member/employee have agreed to a delivery date, the TSP MUST update DPS with a "Scheduled delivery date" PRIOR to the actual delivery date or two (2) hours after agreeing to a delivery date/time with the customer, whichever is EARLIER. If a TSP fails to enter the scheduled delivery date in DPS the PPSO will have grounds for disapproval of any attempted delivery charge, even if the delivery was scheduled by the PPSO.

The Services have warned that if a PPSO identifies that a TSP has a pattern of not completing this requirement punitive action can be taken.

NDTA-USTRANSCOM Fall Meeting 2014

NDTA and USTRANSCOM are once again co-sponsoring a Fall Meeting at the Renaissance St. Louis Grand Hotel in St. Louis, Missouri, 28-30 October 2014. The purpose of the meeting is to stimulate wider interest and inquiry into technical and professional issues involving Department of Defense (DOD) transportation requirements. The meeting will provide information, training, and strategic overview for personnel of the DOD, and will also assist industry in anticipating and meeting future DOD needs.

Register and get more information on the NDTA website.

Sources:  IAM, NDTA & SDDC

DOD Finds Problems at Root of Troops’ Delayed Vehicle Shipments

A team of military transportation experts have pinpointed some of the contractor problems that have led to delays in the shipment of personal vehicles and a lot of grumbling from troops, according to the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command.

The transfer of the POVs from trucks to container ships was not being properly recorded by International Auto Logistics, the new contractor in charge of moving tens of thousands of vehicles to bases around the globe. The inaccurate information on vehicles led to confusion at IAL, SDDC spokesman Mark Diamond told Stars and Stripes.

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Fusion Team Addresses Personal Vehicle Shipping Issues

Transportation experts from U.S. Transportation Command and Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command formed a fusion team Aug. 4 to more quickly evaluate and address critical issues affecting the U.S. military's privately owned vehicle shipping program.

On May 1, International Auto Logistics assumed responsibility for the Global Privately Owned Vehicle Contract, also known as GPC III. Under the terms of the contract, IAL is responsible for processing, transporting and storing vehicles owned by military personnel and Defense Department civilian employees bound for or returning from overseas duty locations.

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Senate Panel Advances Conference Accountability Act

**Editor’s Note: Though the following article highlights new financial restrictions being imposed on Federal Agencies holding meetings, other more onerous restrictions did not make it into the bill. This should allow greater in-person participation by government and military personnel at IAM’s 2014 Annual Meeting.

DOD personnel expected to attend and participate at the IAM Annual meeting:

  • Claims Panel
    • Moderator – Rick Curry
    • James (JD) Reese – Chief, Air Force Claims Service Center
    • Steve Kelly - Chief, Personnel Claims Branch, U.S. Army Claims Service
    • Virginia Eilmus - Head, Personnel Claims Unit Norfolk, Navy Claims
  • Military & Government Affairs Panel
    • Moderator – Peg Wilken
    • Capt Aaron Stanley – Director, Personal Property – SDDC
    • Lt Col Gina Prevett – DPS Program Manager, DPS Program Management Office
    • Charles Olden – Branch Chief, Transportation Management, Department of State
    • Jeff Adcock – Chief, Accounts and Collections Branch, GSA Audits
    • Kim Chancellor – Traffic Management Specialist, GSA ERRC

The bill contains new substitute language limiting the dollar amount agencies can spend on a single conference as well as reporting requirements for federal employees attending agency meetings. But the measure leaves out the most restrictive provisions from a similar bill last year.

The Senate Homeland Security Committee passed a substitute to the Conference Accountability Act last week.

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