IAM Logistics Network (ILN) Newsletter - June 2014

June 24, 2014

In this Issue:

  • ILN Regional Meeting Recap
  • ILN Membership Listing
  • New ILN Informational Video
  • ILN Social Cafe Community
  • ILN Social Cafe Community
  • IAM Newsfeed
  • IWLA Magazine
  • ILN Logo

ILN Logo with TagDear ILN Member,

There has been a lot of activity with the ILN over the past two months. Much of this effort has been focused on providing your companies with better resources and opportunities to develop and build your logistics businesses. In this newsletter, learn more about the first ILN Regional Meeting and what steps we are taking to help build your logistics businesses through networking and education.

Regional Meeting Recap

First ILN Regional Meeting Held in Antwerp, Belgium

Read ILN Chair Larry Depace's blog about the meeting and Terry Head's recap on the IAM Social Cafe

Check out the Regional Meeting Photos

Learn More About the Direction of ILN by Viewing the General Session Presentation Slides.

ILN Membership Listing

Three New Companies join the IAM Logistics Network

The ILN Membership listing can be found on the ILN Community on the IAM Social Cafe

We are pleased to welcome Movehub, Atlantic Relocation Systems, and Capitol Transportation to the ILN. Check out the membership listing to see what those companies and the rest of the ILN Membership can offer your company.

Under the advice of the ILN Advisory Board, IAM Staff are currently working to create an online directory that is both easy to browse and includes all the necessary information that you need to quickly view and make a decision. In the near future, we will be circulating a questionnaire that will ask you to verify certain attributes and qualities about your logistics business. This will be used to develop the best possible database for all ILN Members. 

New ILN Informational Video

Advertise in IAM Print Directory

One Prime Spot Still Available!

A few spots are still available for you to advertise in the 2014-2015 IAM Member Directory (print edition). One prime spot that has become available is on the ILN membership tab, where your ad would face the first page of the ILN listings. This full page ad, as well as a limited number of full and half page ads in other sections, are available. 

For more information, ad sizes and pricing, please contact Janet.Seely@IAMovers.org. Please note that ads must be purchased and artwork submitted no later than June 27.

ILN Community on IAM Social Cafe

Join Us on the IAM Social Cafe!

ILN Members can now email, post discussion threads and interface with each other instantaneously in the ILN Community. In this digital place, each member can safely access and share archived versions of files. Igniting conversation is made simple with the ability to share and attach documents directly within your Community.

You can learn more about the Communities on the Social Cafe by viewing the below video:

Sign Up for IAM Newsfeed

Newsfeed provides excellent information daily about global logistics

IAM members can now receive daily industry news stories via an RSS reader. Subscribe in your browser by clicking IAM's IAM Newsfeed; in your browser choose "Live Bookmarks," and select where you want the RSS bookmark to live (on the bookmark toolbar on in the bookmark menus). 

You can also subscribe by email and receive a daily digest.

If you have questions or need assistance, contact Carl.Weaver@IAMovers.org.

IWLA Magazine

All ILN Members to Receive "3PL Americas" Magazine

As part of IAM's efforts to establish closer connections with other logistics-oriented trade associations, the International Warehouse and Logistics Association (IWLA) has agreed to provide ILN members with their magazine, "3PL Americas." IAM Staff mailed out the magazine this week so you should be receiving it shortly. Please contact Brian Limperopulos at brianl@iamovers.org if you do not receive your copy.

Reminder to Use ILN Logo

IAM encourages all ILN members to incorporate the Logistics Network's new logo into your marketing materials, business cards, and email signatures to show that you are logistics professionals and ready to do some business. This logo design captures the international element of logistics through the incorporation of the globe, and the gears represent the diverse - and often interconnected - nature of the logistics sectors. 

The logo's shape is reminiscent of a key, and the  tagline, "The Key to Success in Logistics", spells out what we all strive for together in ILN. 

The logos can be downloaded on the ILN Community on the IAM Social Cafe.