Swedish Movers Federation celebrates their 70th anniversary

September 29, 2016

From the FEDEMAC Sept. 2016 Newsletter:

SMF celebrates 70 years anniversary

The Swedish Movers Federation (SMF) celebrated their 70th anniversary (SMF members SBK Moving’s regional office) on Wednesday 4th of May – Sunday 8th of May 2016 in Cannes. SMF Consists of 79 people, from 22 member-companies.

Starting at the Grand Hyatt Hotel Martinez, the group enjoyed a 3 course meal and a trip on a boat to the island of Sainte-Margeurite. On Thursday evening, everyone celebrated Marko Kaj Moving AB’s 20 successful years in the industry at the hotel’s Pianobar, culminating in a three course meal at Le Moca.

Friday morning saw a tour of the city, lunch at beach restaurant Vegalunda and an evening of Boule (France’s national sport). That evening saw the celebration of SMF’s board member Fredrik Engström’s 60th birthday at Le Tube.

The work side of the yearly meeting kicked off with Fredrik’s lecture on SMF history from 1946 to today. He was followed by Peder Jensen (Örebro Budet AB) informing the participants that SMF continues to increase search optimising on Google in order to be higher up on searches.

Followed by SMF’s chairwoman, Marlene Malmqvist (IIexpressen AB), advising on the Swedish parliament’s spring budget, including the RUT (cleaning, maintenance and washing) tax reduction for household-moves (which has resulted in increased demand). Marlene highlighted the importance of SMF members having up-to-date RUT information on their individual websites.

Fredrik and Peder discussed DAL (consumer sales regulations), which applies when removals companies sell services through means other than directly with customers. DAL requires a company’s organisation’s number, contract terms, cancellation of contract and complaints procedures should be on the company’s website. There will be a meeting between the consumer agency and the removals industry in Stockholm in September. 

Peder also informed the delagates on the work being done to have industry standards for removals boxes and this will cost appromimately 150.000 Swedish Kronor. Further work was agreed upon. Peder welcomed 3 new partners: ConnectMedia AB, Jonsson lastvagnar and Areff Systems AB.

Board member Mikael Signer (Marko Kaj Moving AB) reported that TYA (vocational training and environmental council)  plans for a packing master course in October in Örebro and SMF plans a leader course at the end of September in Stokholm.

Board member Mats Tegvall (Tegvalls Express AB) advised upon the decision to introduce a cardboard contribution for those members that do not currently contribute. The suggestions was to pay 1000 kr per million kronor in turnover. This was unanimously accepted.

After the meeting, an inspection of SBK Moving’s terminal on the outskirts of Cannes was conducted. To round off the trip, Saturday afternoon saw the group visit Château de Palayson which produces 35000 bottles of wine a year, located by the coast. The event culminated in a meal at a beach restaurant at La Paillote Blanche in Golfe Juan.

Everyone had a pleasant and productive trip!