Notice of IAM Core & Supplier Members Annual Meeting & Elections

June 23, 2016
Attn:  All IAM Core and Supplier Members   
From: Terry Head, President of IAM

Re: Elections - Core/Supplier Member Positions on IAM Executive Committee 
  Notice of Elections 
  Appointment of Nominations Committee 
  Call for Nominations
Every two years, the Core and Supplier membership is required to hold formal elections to decide which individuals will serve on the IAM Executive Committee as the Core Members Representative and the Core Members Representative At-Large; beginning this year, we will also be electing a member to serve on the board as the Core Members Overseas Representative.
Details on the responsibilities of these Core member leadership positions as well as the election procedures can be found within the IAM by-laws (Core and Supplier Member Addendum), which can be found on the IAM web site.

The elections will be held at the IAM Annual Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, during the Core Membership Meeting on Saturday, October 22, between the hours of 1:00 PM-3:00 PM.

To facilitate the formation of a slate of candidates, I have appointed the following three individuals to serve as the 2016 Nominations Committee for this year's Core/Supplier Member elections.
Angels Gallardo - INTER S&R -
Manuela Carolina - Caribbean Moving Services N.V. -
Yogesh Thakker - 21st Century Relocations -
Relative to the two current incumbents; as you may be aware, Jackie Agner, the most recent current Core Members Representative, passed away earlier this year. Boris Populoh, the current Core Members Representative-At-Large, has been serving in place of Jackie and plans to run for the Core Members Representative slot. The other positions are vacant.
The Association's election process does allow for nominations from the floor, providing the person qualifies for the position.
Should you wish to have your name placed into nomination for either of these two positions, please contact a member of the Nominations Committee no later than Friday, July 22.

Candidate Profiles: Each new and incumbent candidate will be asked to submit a short personal profile and color headshot (high resolution for printing in the magazine-no cell phone shots, please). Those profiles and photos should be sent to The Portal Editor, Joyce Dexter, at In order to meet our publication dates, those profiles must be submitted absolutely no later than Monday, August 1, to ensure they can be included in the Annual Meeting issue of The Portal magazine.

Please feel free to contact me and/or a member of the Nominations Committee should you have any questions on the nomination process or the election procedures.
The success of any volunteer-driven organization rests in the strength of its leadership. It is through the election process that you, as members, have the privilege and responsibility to take an engaged role in the direction of this Association.
I particularly encourage participation in the election process by new IAM members. You now have a direct voice in choosing your leadership and setting the future direction of your Association.
The IAM professional staff and I thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to seeing everyone in New Orleans this October.
Terry R. Head, CAE, CMC
International Association of Movers
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