IAM Logistics Network (ILN) Online Directory Launch

December 10, 2014

The new and improved ILN Online Directory has launched. Now anyone can easily search for ILN member companies geographically or by name keywords, allowing IAM members, ILN members and the general public to find companies they can potentially partner with on logistics projects.

In addition, the directory gives each ILN members the ability to update their company's expanded profile based on services and capabilities.

The ILN Online Directory is a valuable connection point for you, your ILN colleagues and non-ILN customers alike. Take it for a test drive – check out your company’s listing, and see what you’re missing if you’re not utilizing the benefit of the 35-word company description.

Keep up with ILN news and future plans with the ILN eNewsletter online, and if your company is interested in joining the ILN - and taking advantage of the directory listing and other benefits of ILN members – go to the ILN page on IAM’s website.

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