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Have you already diversified into logistics, providing office moving, project forwarding, warehousing and distribution or cargo moving? Or, are you considering expanding into new business areas?

Then it’s time to join the IAM Logistics Network (ILN), a group founded by IAM members devoted to helping one another develop and market non-traditional logistics-type services. There are other logistics networks, but only the IAM Logistics Network is made up of companies and people whom you already know and trust as fellow IAM members.

This member-driven group facilitates networking among IAM colleague companies seeking to expand already-thriving logistics businesses or that are ready to diversify into new business sectors. Use the links at the top of this page to reach out to ILN members and find out more about ILN and how it can benefit your company today.

Logistics News

  • Oct 12

    Logistics Hotspots in the U.S.: Nine That Shine

    As U.S. manufacturers and distributors continue to expand their operations, they often look for under-the-radar places—cities and areas that have either recently emerged as logistics and distribution center hubs, or are about to—as they consider the long-term effects of their developments.

  • Oct 05

    Big Data is Highlighted in 2017 21st Annual Third-Party Logistics Study

    Technology continues to increase in importance and the role it plays. That was highlighted with a study highlighting the role of big data and analytics, with 98 percent of 3PL’s indicating that improved, data-driven decision-making is essential to the future success of supply chain activities and processes, which was supported by 93 percent of shippers.

  • Sep 30

    UPS tests drone deliveries to remote places

    UPS has begun testing drones to make commercial deliveries of packages to remote or difficult-to-access locations, working together with drone-maker CyPhy Works. The two companies staged a mock delivery of an urgently needed asthma inhaler from Beverly, Massachusetts, to Children’s Island, three miles off the Atlantic coast.

  • Sep 20

    What Does Uber's Latest Deal Mean for the Logistics Industry?

    The idea of Uber entering the trucking world is no longer a matter of speculation. With Uber’s mid-August acquisition of the self-driving trucking platform Otto, it’s reality. And one aim of the partnership that should be most intriguing for logistics providers is Uber’s long-term goal to establish a national digital freight matching (DFM) network.

  • Sep 16

    Hanjin Cargo Owners Say Bid to Unload Vessels Isn’t Working

    Bankrupt Hanjin Shipping Co.’s efforts to unload vessels in the United States while it goes through bankruptcy in South Korea are meeting with complaints from cargo owners and from the companies that service and equip its fleet.