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Have you already diversified into logistics, providing office moving, project forwarding, warehousing and distribution or cargo moving? Or, are you considering expanding into new business areas?

Then it’s time to join the IAM Logistics Network (ILN), a group founded by IAM members devoted to helping one another develop and market non-traditional logistics-type services. There are other logistics networks, but only the IAM Logistics Network is made up of companies and people whom you already know and trust as fellow IAM members.

This member-driven group facilitates networking among IAM colleague companies seeking to expand already-thriving logistics businesses or that are ready to diversify into new business sectors. Use the links at the top of this page to reach out to ILN members and find out more about ILN and how it can benefit your company today.

Logistics News

  • Jun 26

    Half-billion-dollar deal signals birth of new dirigibles era

    When 17th century futurists imagined skylines teeming with dirigibles, they might have actually been on to something. But rather than ladies in hoop skirts pedaling across the Manhattan skyline on hybrid bicycle/balloon contraptions, the new Era of Airships 2.0 may look more like the one envisioned by Lockheed Martin, moving cargo instead of people.

  • Jun 21

    WannaCry Exposes Defense Supply Chain Vulnerabilities

    The launch of WannaCry, a strain of leaked National Security Agency ransomware, affected more than 300,000 computer users in more than 150 countries in May. The attack — which operated by encrypting a computer’s data, then demanding a payment of $300 in bitcoins under the threat of deleting all files — has since been labeled one of the largest operations of its kind in the internet’s history.

  • Jun 21

    Closing the logistics technology gap

    Global supply chains have never been more complex and difficult to manage than they are today. In fact, the traditional linear model that the term ‘supply chain’ describes doesn’t accurately reflect the fact that it has been replaced by a nonlinear network of multiple parties. Parties that are scattered across the globe working together to move goods from one location to another within a specific timeframe. This presents both opportunities and major headaches for medium-sized 3PLs and forwarders.

  • Jun 06

    China’s Belt and Road Initiative: rearranging global shipping?

    Interest in China’s Belt and Road Initiative, now the preferred name for the One Belt, One Road scheme introduced by President Xi Jinping over three years ago, has intensified. An international gathering in Beijing last month sharpened the focus. This grand concept has two components, both of which are potentially of great significance for the global shipping industry.

  • May 24

    Why forwarders have the algorithm & blues

    Internet start-ups using algorithms to offer airfreight bookings are seen as disruptors for traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ freight forwarders. Air Cargo News decided to seek out a virtual forwarder, to see what it can offer.