Benefits of Membership in ILN

ILN members realize these membership benefits immediately:

Marketing and Promotion

  • A comprehensive entry in the ILN online directory, a searchable database open to the public
  • A special listing in the ILN section of the IAM downloadable Membership Directory
  • ILN logo to use on your company’s website and marketing materials

Networking and Business Development

  • Special networking and business sessions held at the IAM Annual Meeting
  • Overseas ILN meetings
  • Access to other business development opportunities through ILN partnerships with the Combined Logistics Networks (CLN), the Freight Summit and many more
  • Anytime chats and discussions with your colleagues in the IAM Social Café‘s dedicated ILN community

Education Opportunities

  • ILN-endorsed links for meaningful topics and content for self-study
  • Industry-certified diploma and university links
  • Potential access to other freight organizations' educational material or resources
  • IAM Mentor Match program

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • New IAM Here2Help initiative will utilize resources of the IAM Logistics Network (ILN) to provide disaster relief and humanitarian assistance—the kind of commitment that your customers will respect and value

Complimentary Membership for Governing Members

  • IAM Governing Members will receive ILN membership free upon submitting an application—another reason to upgrade to Governing membership and take full advantage of the range of benefits offered. Email for more information on the value of Governing Membership.